Blog of the Month - February 2013

9:51 am

Since starting blogging about fashion and beauty, you come across different fashion and beauty blogs, that seem to post more than just that. Sometimes it can be frustrating, sometimes it can be refreshing.

Not too long ago, I came across a wonderful blog on tumblr, called 'The Boho Garden', which you can find here.

Being a Boho enthusiast myself, I instantly fell in love. There are frequent posts, I'm never bored looking at it, and all photo's are of great quality. It really gives you that warm, boho feel. The owner of the blog, is friendly, and you can see them interacting with their fans and followers. It's truly, a wonderful experience.
Without hesitation, I decided this, would be my blog of the month. 
So go check out a wonderful, inspirational blog, I promise you, it's worth the look.

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