Dilemma?! Chin/neck acne?!

2:13 pm

I use Bodyshop Australia products for my acne (and almost everything else), and it usually works a treat! The only thing I have a problem with, is underneath my chin. Now, once I get the acne there, I can get rid of it no problem, but I wish to prevent it from appearing in the first place! I have tried everything I can think of. I don't know if many of you have had this problem, if so, in the comments let me know about it, what you have tried, what has worked what hasn't. If you don't wish to post in the comments for the public eye, simply send me an email.
To show my appreciation, the person who gives me the best, most informative answer will receive a 20% discount code for my own etsy store, and everyone else will go in the draw for a 10% discount code.

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