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8:30 pm

Here is my review of the amazing shop - Cute Dumpling
Cute Dumpling sent me this wonderful wrap bracelet, called Mon Tresor. The first thing I noticed when I recieved it in the mail, is the packaging! First of all, it was in a well packed, bubble envelope. Second of all, it was then packed in this gorgeous box, that smells absolutely fabulous! I would buy all items at Cute Dumpling, just so I could have this amazing smell forever. The tissue paper, keeps the bracelet extra padded, so there basically was no chance of it getting damaged in the mail. 
The actual bracelet itself is perfect. The heart shaped charms don’t agitate you while your wearing them, the cord it is made from is soft, and it’s such a simple, delicate bracelet, that it would go with absolutely anything!
Thank-you so much Cute Dumpling! I can not wait to buy some other things from you!
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Be sure to check out my previous reviews, my video review for Cute Dumpling will also be coming soon! 

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