Review - Lulu Handmade Skincare

3:07 pm

Lulu Handmade Skincare is an Australian shop, based in Melbourne VIC. 

Lulu Handmade Skincare sent me these two items, a raspberry lipbalm, and Lavender & Rose handcream. The first thing I noticed about both items, is the wonderful smell! It's gorgeous! 
After using the handcream only once, my hands were already so much softer. (When playing a stringed instrument, and having a little phobia of germs, your hands become quite rough). My hands also smelt magnificent. After using the cream for a second time, my hands were even softer! It works a charm, and if it stops my hands from feeling rough, and drying out, then I'd be happy to buy this product.

Now before I talk about the lip balm, let me tell you a little about my lips. They're always dry, no matter how much I drink water, so they require constant attention. They like to bleed, for no reason at all. I think the only good thing about my lips is that, I love their shape. Now, onto the lipbalm. Just like the hand cream, the lip balm smells so delightful. Even while putting it on your lips, you just want to eat it. The smell stays for a while, unlike most lip balms, and isn't the colour just the nicest pink? 

Be sure to check out Lulu Handmade Skincare on Etsy, here. There are other products there I'm just dying to try. From the aromatherapy mists, to the tension headache balm.
Thankyou Lulu Handmade Skincare, I love your products!

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