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8:35 pm

Here is my review of the wonderful store, Poetry Jewelry
Poetry Jewelry specialises in Bridal Jewelry. All the items are stunning, so I’d say, not just suitable for a Bride, but for formals, proms, debutante balls, anything in that ‘classy’ event circle.
Poetry Jewelry sent me this amazing pair of Cubix Zirconia Pearl Earrings.
They are just perfect! They shine well, the post is long, and they are so feminine. Being such a perfect pair of earrings, if I was getting married, or had an upcoming formal, I would definately buy a pair just like these, or similar! Everything in Poetry Jewelry store is wonderful quality, a fantastic price, and what’s even better? You can get a matching necklace!
The next thing I loved about these earrings, was they came with two different types of backs! This is great, because there is nothing more frustrating, than getting a pair of earrings, and  not having the backs that you prefer. It’s also handy for if you accidentally lose a back or two.
I personally don’t like the plastic backs, but, to each their own. 
I definitely recommend Poetry Jewelry!
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