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11:01 am

Last week I received a huge package from the amazing store, Products By Nature.
I'm only getting around to writing the review now, cause there was just so many amazing things! Here is a list of what I was sent

  • Candle cream for hands and body
  • Vanilla Rose
  • Handmade Natural Soap for Body Rosemary and Juniper
  • Handmade Natural Soap for Body Pomegranate
  • Orange Energy Lip Balm
  • Pink Bliss Lip Balm
  • Pink Heart Lip Balm

 I thought I'd start by talking about the three lip balms. The Pink Bliss is exactly that, bliss! It's smells like those amazing grape/strawberry lollies that you could just smell all  day. It leaves a slight tint on your lips, which is great for that everyday pop you want, but you don't want to go all out with makeup, whats even better about this is not only can you use it to give your lips a bit of colour, but you're also moisturizing them, and walking around with a great smell all day! Orange energy smells like soft drink! Sunkist or fanta. It doesn't give a tint (which I think is great, after all, I don't want to walk around with orange lips) but it does have a slight gloss affect, which just like pink bliss, will give you that slight pop for any day of the week. The Pink heart lip balm doesn't have a fragrance. Unlike the two stick lip balms, you would need to apply with your finger, or lip brush. I found it moisturized my lips so well! Not only that, but it made my lips a very slight shade darker, and gave that wonderful, light gloss affect.

These two amazing bars of soap are just spectacular! The smell is so strong, if you hold it, 20cm away from your face, you will still get a strong wiff of it. The pomegranate soap reminded me a bit like clay where as the Rosemary Juniper soap was more of a rough soap. I'd suggest the pomegranate for more soft, sensitive areas of skin, and the rosemary juniper soap for rough areas, such as feet.

Last but not least, my two favourite products! The candle cream, and vanilla rose. Both have an amazing smell, not too strong, not too weak. First I'll talk about the vanilla rose. You simply hold it in your hand, and it melts! If you want it to melt faster, just rub it inbetween your hands. You can use it as a massage oil, moisturizer, or even a perfume, anything really! I fell in love with it instantly. The Candle cream is gorgeous! It has the oil of apricot seeds, and smells delightful. I didn't really need to light it to use it, but if you're not in a hot climate, you would need to light it.

Not only were all these products so amazing to use, but they all came with a full ingredients list. Great for those with allergies and sensitive skin! I'd love to buy some of these things many, many times! If you'd like to purchase any of these wonderul things, head over to Products By Nature on Etsy, here.

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