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8:27 pm

Hello everyone! So yesterday in the mail came these lovely items from the wonderful etsy shop Vivs Vanity
These items aren’t currently listed on her etsy, but if you like the looks of them, go ahead and pop her a message and I’m sure she can work something out for you!
Everything came really well packed, nice and snug and safe.
The items I will be reviewing, which are shown in the photo above are
1 pixie/fairy necklace
1 925 sterling silver chain
1 pair of 18K gold plated teardrop sapphire earrings
1 pair of 18K white gold plated clear topaz earrings
1 pair of 18K white gold plated Austrian crystal earrings
1 pair 925 sterling silver cultured pearl earrings
This lovely necklace is a brass coloured chain, with brass pendant, along with some jewels for colouring. It has a lovely antique look about it. The chain is really long, so great for those lazy days, when you want to wear accessories, but you just can’t seem to be able to open the latch of your necklaces. The chain is really strong, so it would be so hard to break! The pendant also seems to be very strong, so all in all, this necklace would be great for if you’re going to be around young ones who like to pull.
I love the coloured jewels on it, that give it a bit of ‘bling’. 
For a simple item, a simple outfit, this would work really well with a nice blouse, or pale dress.
This 925 Sterling Silver chain is absolutely amazing! Just like the necklace, it is super long, so easy to put on when you can’t handle those latches. It’s really strong, great quality, and nicely shined. This chain would be great for those pendants you don’t have a chain for, or the chain is just not too great. I love this chain, I think it’s just perfect.
This pair of 18K gold plated teardrop sapphire earrings  are fabulous! They are really clean cut, a nice shade, the post is a great length, and the back is my favourite type. I haven’t come across a pair of sapphire earrings as nice as this.
These 18K white gold plated clear topaz earrings are soooo nice. Once again, they are nicely cut, the posts are a great size and the backs are perfect. I love how clean and shiny they are, a lot of shops on etsy, the items you buy aren’t as shiny as if you were to go to a shop in the town you live. But these are just so shiny! A plus to these earrings, they’d go with almost anything! They’re simple, delicate, and feminine.
This pair of 18K white gold plated Austrian crystal earrings aren’t really my cup of tea, but they are still a wonderful pair! The post, once again, is a good size, it’s nice and shiny, and the crystal is well cut. The only thing I don’t particularly like is the back, which is those round backs. I find them hard to grip, and sometimes they slip off, and you can lose your earrings.
And the final thing I’m reviewing, is a pair of 925 sterling silver cultured pearl earrings. Now, usually I don’t like cultured pearls (I’m a white/cream pearl girl) but this pair kind of said something to me I guess. They’re just the nicest set of cultured pearls I’ve come across. Just like the three other pairs of earrings, the posts are a great size, and like the first two pairs, the backs are the good ones! :) 

I highly recomend taking a look at Vivs Vanity, these items are seriously great quality! 
Find my video review of these items soon!

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