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10:48 pm

Do you like to be fashionable going to bed? Even if you've no one to show your fashionable bed habbits to? Well have I found the perfect place for you! Ku Shu Shu Lingerie is amazing, and I recieved a wonderful gift from them, that is just perfect for me. SILK TALES CHEMISE! It's fabulous. The fabric is amazing, and shapes to my body perfectly, it came packaged in such a way it couldn't be damaged. 

This chemise was so comfy, and even though it was light pink, I loved it! The make is perfect, especially the sleeves, it gives an extra girly touch. The seams and hems are sewn well enough, that there is basically no way it would break without getting a pair of scissors to it (which I wouldn't! It's just too gorgeous). 
Here are some photo's of the chemise on me. - The bracelet I'm wearing is one my boyfriend gave me for our 1 year anniversary, which you can purchase at Michael Hill - (another post about that coming soon.)

Ku Shu Shu Lingerie is designed by Judy Anderson. The whole Ku Shu Shu collection is designed to reflect the complex character of modern women, desiring to be enchanting, beautiful, flirtatious and seductive. The brand was launched in 2009 at Fashion Exposed, Melbourne and the label was shown at Fashion Week 2010. All collections are designed in Australia, and manufactured locally. I believe, that even if it wasn't your aim, to be each of the four things mention above, that you would still look gorgeous in any of the Ku Shu Shu Products.
Thank-you so much Ku Shu Shu Lingerie for letting me work with you, and experience your amazing products, in hand.

You can find Kus Shu Shu Lingerie here, and here.

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