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Jalouse is an amazing online boutique, in Australia. Head designer, Stacy, moved from Wagga Wagga to Sydney more than 10 years ago, to pursue her dream as a fashion designer. In 2005 Stacy moved to London as she set her sights on creating her own fashion line, this is where she continued to live, until she then moved to France in 2009 to study fashion. Stacy then moved back to the amazing Australia, where she started a 3 year course in fashion design and technology at TAFE and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in 2012. 

My experience with Jalouse has been nothing less than amazing. I was sent three items to review and each item was made perfectly, extremely comfy and looked fabulous! All three items can be purchased, either through the website, or through Etsy. Links will be at the end of the review.

First I shall talk about the bandeau's. They are so bright, playful and stunning. 

As you can see above, they look gorgeous with low cut tank tops, with large arm holes. (My tank top isn't the best for these, but it still looked amazing!) I believe they would also look wonderful as a bikini top, with a plain coloured bikini bottom (so long as they matched). These bandeau's fit me perfectly, though I didn't think they would when I first saw them, they looked so small, yet fit amazingly. They didn't cut into my skin, nor did they press my boobs down flat. Not only did they fit me, but my sister (whom has a much larger chest than me). The seams are sewn in a way, that you can barely notice them whilst wearing them. They feel great, they look great, what more could you ask for? Bandeau;s can be bought when buying a tube skirt, as a set.

The final item I was sent, is a beautiful pair of floral leggings. I'm not a big leggings girl, but the moment I got these out of the package, I was in love with them. I wanted to wear them straight away! I just needed to find a shirt that would match.
I chose my hulk shirt (male size small from JayJays). It is black and green as you can see above. I chose it, as both colours were also on the leggings. The leggings were so comfortable! They also didn't slip down whilst wearing them throughout the day as so many pairs of leggings do. The fabric was extremely comfortable, and shaped to my legs perfectly. They didn't make me sweat in the sun, and they kept me warm in the cool. They've become my new favourite item of clothing for during the day! As I mentioned before, I'm not usually a leggings girl, but this pair definately got me hooked!

Thankyou so much Jalouse for these amazing gifts you sent me to review! I can't wait to buy more of your products!
You can shop all these items here and here. Be sure to follow the Jalouse facebook page here!

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