Emma Watson Appreciation

5:17 pm

Every now and then, we will all find that one celebrity, whether it be an Actor, Singer, Model, Author or even a sports person, whom we love. We love their style, their fashion, the music they like, and usually the actions they make. Today, I'm going to tell you about my appreciation for Emma Watson.

Being 17, it is something, that can be quite obvious, that being that I grew up with Harry Potter. The first time I ever saw Emma Watson, was watching the first Harry Potter when I was 7 (yes, that's right, just over 10 years ago). I had already read the first and second book, and I was in love with the magic and friendship that it created. Seeing Emma play such a strong character, made me wish even more that I could escape to the magical world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts and befriend the characters. As I've grown up, I've idolised Emma so much, and I should have given her so much more credit than I have. Especially over the past year, from her Harry Potter character of Hermione, to her Perks of Being a Wallflower character, Sam; she has shown me how to be strong, through thick and thin. What more? She is stunningly beautiful, and can pull of any look! From gorgeous, bushy curls, to long hair, to straight mid length hair to a pixie cut! What girl in the world wouldn't want to look like her?!
Below are some of my favourite photo's of Emma Watson.

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