VIKI - Skeleton Review!

12:19 pm

I discovered this online shop a little while ago, and fell in love instantly. All the items fall into my taste for fashion currently. The wonderful people at VIKI sent me a gift, a gorgeous skeleton bracelet. This online store is based in Sydney, Australia, BONUS! I believe Australian fashion is amazing, and should be appreciated just as much as fashion all around the world. 
Below are some photo's of the bracelet I was sent.


The first thing I'd like to point out, is the adjustable rings. Whether you have skinny, average or thick fingers, you'll be able to wear this bracelet. Majority of the bracelet is on an elastic thread, leaving it able to stretch, and fit all hand shapes. One of the bones, has two jewels, giving it a bit of an edge, and bling! Such a simple thing, makes the whole item pop. I wouldn't wear this while playing cello or driving, simply because I need to move my hands and fingers freely, and I'd be afraid of breaking the bracelet from overuse of my hands and fingers. 
Not only does this bracelet look good, but it is comfortable.
You can buy the skeleton bracelet here in silver or here in black.

VIKI doesn't just sell bracelets, they sell shirts, dresses, shoes and more! You can find VIKI at the following places.

Thank-you so much VIKI for sending me this amazing bracelet. I love it!

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