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12:08 pm

dot&pete is a brilliant store I found earlier this year. It's a Sydney based shoe label which caters for larger shoe sizes.  "dot&pete grew purely out of my own frustrations at never being able to find shoes that looked half decent in my size. Just because I was born with larger feet, doesn't mean I should be left to wear something that resembles hotel slippers." – Sarah Jackson, Head designer.
dot&pete's current size range is 8-13.

Here is some photo's of the extremely comfortable shoes I received as a gift from dot&pete - Berberis, which you can shop here.

These shoes came packed not just in standard mailing packaging, but also in a cute shoe bag. The shoes were also stuffed with shaping foam to keep them shaped whilst in the mail. dot&pete also sent me a gorgeous card - pictured below.

These shoes are extremely easy to walk in, given the heal is a wedge style. the strap and enclosure of the shoe also gives so much support for weak feet (such as my own). Not only thes
e features, but they are stylish! If I were wearing something plain (and probably boring) these shoes would definately make the outfit pop! The colour, the style, everything about this shoe I love. 

Thank-you so much dote&pete. dot&pete's website can be found here and their facebook here

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