Every Girl Should Have A Little Black Dress

6:29 pm

Insane Jungle is a cute online store with a fantastic variety in clothing, accessories and shoes! Insane Jungle sent me two items to review, a red split skirt and a black heart dress. My experience with Insane jungle was lovely, so now I'll share with you what I was sent.

The red split skirt was my favourite when looking at it online, but since Insane Jungle isn't an Australian store, when I gave them my size, it didn't fit the way Australian sizes would! So I improvised, and use the skirt as a high waisted skirt instead - I also match it with a black tank top, and black butterfly belt I bought a few years ago from ICE. I'm also wearing zig-zag fishnets from Bra's N Things and black lace up ankle boots from WILLIAMS. It is such a pretty outfit! The skirt was made so well; the seam follows your body well, and the splits give such a great touch to the skirt. You can buy this skirt here and it's currently on sale! I think this is going to be one of my new go to outfits when I have a party to go to!

The black heart dress is called so, because the back, when done up looks like a heart (which you can't see in the photo). When I first wore this my mum came up to me and said "Every girls should have a little black dress" and what an appropriate quote that was! this dress is a simple, black, feminine dress and that's exactly what that quote is about - A girl have a simple, feminine, black dress that she can wear to parties, out for the day, anything! I also wore my black lace up ankle boots with this. I felt like such a rockstar in this dress, and definately another dress to add to my going out list! You can buy this dress here

Thank-you so much for giving me this opportunity Insane Jungle! I have loved this product, it has been a great experience, when communicating, when recieving the package, and just on a whole, the whole experience has been fantastic. Be sure to check out Insane Jungle at their website and on Facebook.

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