The Sole Collection - Must HAVE!

6:58 pm

I recently received two pairs of shoes from 'The Sole Collection' and let me tell you, these are fabulous! Two gorgeous pairs of heels, that aren't just amazing looking, but comfy!
Here is some information about the fabulous brand.
"After a long running love affair with shoes and a personal collection of 100+ pairs, Andrea established The Sole Collection in October 2012. The ‘Sole Collection’ is a play on words which could mean three different things – 1. Sole as in the sole of a shoe 2. Sole as in the one and only 3. Sole as in my heart and soul. The business name is meant to encompass all of these aspects. 
An Australian based online business, shoes are sourced from all over the world, with the majority of products coming from the US. We are very proud to be affiliated with PleaserUSA which offers a wide range of amazing shoes – something for everyone! They also offer larger and wide width shoes. Our aim is to provide great quality shoes at very reasonable prices, with Free Postage Australia Wide, so check us out today"
Here are the two pairs I was sent from The Sole Collection. Lior - Fuchsia and Urban. Both pairs are just stunning! They are made so well. Both pairs support your ankles which is fantastic, and all in all the shoes are made with quality materials - so you have quality shoes!

First I'll talk about Lior - Fuchsia. These are such a simple yet beautiful pair of heels. Pinky/Purple and sparkles! Just fabulous! They are my favourite pair of the two and I'd suggest them to anyone who has a pink, purple, white, grey, black or silver dress to wear them with. 
Here are some more photo's of the beautiful pair!

Next I'll talk about the Urban pair. They are fantastically bright and as soon as I saw them in person, I thought of fire! In fact, it was quite matching to the time as I'd just read and watched Hunger Games for the first time and thought 'The Girl On Fire'. I believe these heels would match a black or red dress, or even any of the colours on the shoes, yellow, orange, green, white or hot pink. Just like the Lior's they were very comfy and are just a fantastic pair of heels. Below are some more wonderful pictures of the shoes!

Thank-you so very much to The Sole Collection for such easy communication, and giving me this opportunity to work with some o their shoes! What makes this whole thing even more fantastic, is that not only are these shoes at a great price, but The Sole Collection are offering a discount to my viewers of 10% valid till 30th June 2013. The code: corsha10

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