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Valerie Tolosa is a fashion label, that debuted at Sydney Mercedes Fashion Week in 2002. From her vintage collection in 2004 to her Summer collection in 2007/2008 Valerie Tolosa has grown immensely, with 2100+ fans on Facebook currently, being stocked in 25 boutiques nationally by 2006 - obviously the label is sought out for and eye catching.

Valerie Tolosa sent me two gorgeous dresses as gifts which I shall review for you all. First of all, I'd like to say a huge thank-you to Valerie Tolosa, these are gorgeous, well made dresses. The quality is amazing, and I am so very happy with them. My whole experience with Valerie Tolosa has been amazing, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

First of all, I'll show you pictures of the first dress, the Audrea Strapless Long Bow Dress (Grey), which you can purchase here.

This dress is so comfy, and fitted perfectly. It didn't highlight my bloated belly. The long bow really fit the dress beautifully, gave the dress an extra pop, it also helped support the upper dress. Length of the dress is wonderful. Not too long, not too short for the style. I love this dress so much! The only thing I would change about it, is the plastic strips in the top, to hold your chest in place. To begin with they were fine, I noticed them but they didn't bother me, then upon wearing it after an hour, they began digging in. They were great for support but some soft padding would of helped with irritation. I received many compliments with this dress, everyone who saw me in it told me it was wonderful, looked spectacular on me, or that I looked gold.

The second dress I received is the Sandra Shoulder Frill Dress which can be purchased here.
Here are some photo's.

This dress looks and feels so gorgeous, I found you can wear it three ways, I decided to show two - with or without straps. With straps, gives you a more party, defined look where as without straps, gives a very diva look. The dress features multiple layers, as shown in a photo above. I got so many compliments with this dress, particularly from my very young brothers, who said I looked like a super star.

Thank-you so much Valerie Tolosa! 
You can finder the Valerie Tolosa website here, and facebook here

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