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Woo! How excited I am that I'm onto the 4th pair from Alash Lashes! It's honestly such an amazing experience. And guess what! I actually used these lashes for a photoshoot in the local newspaper! I don't have photo's of that yet, but I will be sure to post them when I do have them! This pair of Alash Lashes, is called Sleepovers. Oh goodness I really loved this pair! They really made my eyes pop and suited my make-up for the day so well. Here are some photo's of me wearing them before I went for my newspaper shoot.

I honestly do love these lashes. They look so natural and are just so pretty! You can find all of Alash Lashes here, but you can also find their Sleepovers set here, and you can find them on Facebook!
Out of all the pairs I've worn so far, this definately is my favourite, and I got so many compliments while wearing this pair! Thank-you so much Alash Lashes, thank-you for providing me with this amazing opportunity, and I honestly don't want it to end, just two more weeks before my 6 week review is over :(

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