Winter Wonders - I

12:34 pm

In Winter Wonders - I, I will be talking about jackets, jumpers, knits and cover-ups! I will share with you my favourite place to shop for different things, along with different items for different outfits.

To start off with, I'll share what's number one on my list for this Winter.

A Rivers Knit. This particular knit is cheaper online than in store. The price to purchase online is just $15 where as if bought in store it would cost $59.95! You can purchase this knit here. I love purchasing my knits from Rivers because they are simply great quality, for an affordable price. There are so many different colours and styles and not one of the knits I've purchased from Rivers is damaged from how much I use them. I currently have two, and both are two years old, still like brand new! They keep you warm, and keep you looking fashionable.

For those of you living in a business world, you may want a more business cover-up to keep you warm, such as a jacket or blazer from one of my favourite stores, Myer.
Jackets or blazers from Myer such as the ones shown above, range from $50 -$300 and you can find them here.

Back to the casual side of things, you may prefer jumpers, from baggy to tight fitting jumpers such as these from Beginning Boutique are fabulous! Coming in different prints, different shapes you're bound to find the perfect jumper for your style.
Find me backstage jumper can be bought here and is $69 and Geek jumper can be bought here and is $59.

My favourite thing to keep warm and fashionable through winter is my knits from Rivers. Share what your favourite winter cover-up is!

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