Winter Wonders - Introduction.

12:23 pm

Autumn is here, which means Winter is coming! So we all are wondering, what winter basics do I need? Hot chocolate, fluffy doona, snug pajamas? What about fashionable winter clothing?! Just because the season is changing doesn't mean when we rug up, we have to lose the fashion too!
Over the next couple of months, as we get closer and closer to winter, I'm going to be sharing my own experiences and tips of my past winters, and maybe my present and what I'd like to do for future winters also! Hopefully this will help all my viewers in one way or another.

Winter Wonders is going to be my own personal serious of blogs and maybe vlogs of what I think you should all know about Winter. Below is a list of what may be included in this series, but there will also be more!

  • Fashion 
  •  Food 
  •  Beauty tips 
  •  Pajama wear 
  •  Lifestyle tips

Get ready! This series is going to be brilliant, warm and different.

To get you warmed up for the series here is an indulgent photo!

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