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Have you ever heard of the famous Jamie Ryan Dee? No? Maybe you know him has JamJars? The fabulous Jamie whom has 300,000 subscribers on Tumblr continuously recieved feedback on his own clothing, fashion sense; he started customising and dying his own clothes and yes, the feedback he received was brilliant - what better way to use that feedback than to create his own brand of clothing?! Which brings us Spike Apparel.
"Spiked is the brainchild of Jamie Ryan Dee. Launched on 29th May 2012, Spiked is Jamie’s very own clothing line, which due to overwhelming demand has expanded from customizing existing garments, to manufacturing his own designs for his Spiked line."

Being a fan of Jamie myself for quite sometime I thought, what better way than to take a look, and write about his brand of clothing, for my followers and share what I believe, is a unique, amazing look on fashion.

At a glance, this clothing may not look different, but it's the simple things that make it perfect. Streetwear that's unique and made in limited numbers to make it more unique. 
 “I couldn't find clothing in high street stores I liked and I didn't want to walk around with a t-shirt that tons of other people had on. So by creating my own designs I could both wear something I liked and limit the number I made keeping each collection limited editions.”

Let's take a look at this Spike Acid Wash Jacket. I have tried to get this affect myself, and let me tell you, it's so difficult to do yourself, to not overdo the acid affect and give it that unique meshed blue-white look. Not only that, but this jacket, is completely unisex in my opinion, along with everything else at Spiked. I would definately wear this, it would be a perfect way to define an outfit.

I absolutely love the Gross Floral Tee. Remember my post about my Grunge inspiration? This is a shirt, I'd love to work with ripped jeans, studded vest and some huge boots. Is this shirt just suited to Grunge? No way! This could be worn with anything. It could create it's own genre of fashion on it's own. Girls in big tee's = perfection.

This is the time where my blog post comes to a close and the point where I'm hoping it has been entertaining, informative and made you want to check out Spiked for yourself!
You can check Spiked out on Facebook
I think my favourite thing about Spiked is that there is something for every time of the year, the tee's, the jackets, beanies and that it's all unique and inspirational! I'd love to add every single item to my wardrobe!

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