Face of the Fraser Coast Modelling Quest

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of a modelling quest? Or even just be a model for a day? Well you're in luck! On the 25th May 2013, I participated in a modelling competition, called 'Face of the Fraser Coast Modelling Quest'. This competition was for everyone aged 13-25, boys and girls, but since it was it's first year running, only girls seemed to have the courage to enter! You didn't have to have any experience at all to enter, as you got workshops with someone who had  previously been a model. 
After registration etc was Orientation Day, where we had our hair and make-up done, and a photo taken for the competition (see below).

At the first workshop, the first hour or so was just an introduction to modelling, telling us what the industry is about, and that some models are even extra's in movies and adds and things! 
We were all what it was like when the person in charge of the workshops, was modelling in the 80's and 90's and how different it is now. She also told us that the industry is trying to change, so that models aren't stick thin anymore and that they are a 'fit' shape instead like it used to be. Some countries have even banned stick thin models!
She told us requirements to be a big model, like Elle, Kate Moss etc. And I already new I could never be cause I'm just too short, but it was so interesting!
Then we did some catwalking! It was heaps of fun, it took me a while to get the hang of it, but not too long. Just to loosen us up we did it to some upbeat commonly known songs, like THRIFT SHOP! :D Then one by one (which I was so nervous for) we did it to proper catwalk music. The catwalk stage was a T so we were instructed that when we first get up we have to pose three times; middle, right, left then walk back, do a half turn, walk straight back to the front and pose once more! We had to model three outfits, one we had to choose at a shop and get to keep, the other two we had to pick from our own wardrobe and has to be a casual one, and night/party/club type one.
At the second workshop, we work more individually with the 'instructor' to see which poses worked best for us, what things we should do to stop our normal walking habbits etc. 

The photo's above are each of my outfits at the actual competition. Top right: casual; top left: dress we had to choose from shop; bottom: night/party/club wear. 
Now, to talk about the actual compeititon! Walking on the runway, myself, was brilliant! Wearing my clothes, clothes I like and WOW it is so hard to explain how amazing it was. I did my make-up myself, with the exception of touch ups, and I had the make-up artist apply my lashes beccause I wanted them to be perfect. My hair was done by a girl named Nikki from Legends! I didn't win, or come 2nd or 3rd in my category but I had the most amazing time. 
My friend Catherine also did the compeition with my encouragement. She loved it, and really broke out of her shy shell! She thanked me for showing her what an amazing opportunity it was!
My casual outfit was a dress my boyfriend got me, I accessorised with brown boots, bangles and a flower crown in my hair. Everyone told me I looked like a garden fairy! I think I looked adorable. The second outfit I modelled was the one I picked from the shop, which was called Shezaynes. I picked a gorgeous purple and blue halter neck mullet skirt dress. I chose purple and blue for two reasons! The first being it looks really nice on me haha, the second being, it was ME/CFS and FM awareness month and I thought it fit well. I matched this with cute purple ballet flats, the same flower crown in my hair and different bangles! 
The third outfit, the evening/clubbing/party wear I chose a dress I had gotten for my fashion blog a while back. It was black and fabulous! I teamed it fishnet stockings, bangles and a gorgeous blue flower clip in my hair and black boots!

The modelling competition, really helped with my confidence. It wasn't a popularity contest, or even about who was prettier. All the contestants were extremely nice, friendly and just amazing people, all who had different personalities, fashion sense and aspirations. 

Well there is my little experience in a Modelling Competition/Quest!
If you'd like to see photo's of the other contestants who were in the competition, just check out the competition page here.

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