Week 5 - Choc Button

4:56 pm

Well, well, well! Welcome to Week 5 of my Alash Lashes reviews! This week we are featuring the amazing set of lashes, Choc Button. I really enjoyed using these lashes, and they created such a dramatic affect. Yesterday I first tested them out with a cute outfit I was trying which you can see in the picture below. The bow in this photo, will be featured in another blog post!

Now in the above photo, I wasn't entirely happy with the overall look of the make-up. So today, before heading to my performance at a fashion show (that I then got to model at as well!) I did something a bit different, and trialled my first lot of smokey eyes. As you will be able to tell in the photo's below, I needed to make the eye-shadow a lot darker, but I believe the Choc Button lashes worked so well (and would work even better if I made the eye-shadow darker) with this theme of make-up! 

The lashes were, just like every other pair, so very light, I couldn't feel them at all whilst wearing them! They are also so very soft, and feel so real. I found I didn't have to be as delicate with these lashes as other pairs, as they are 'grouped' together in a way, that they aren't as fine and as breakable, but as all lashes are, they are still delicate. 

This amazing set of lashes, Choc Button, are fantastic! Perfect for any dramatic look you want. If you're wondering what style of lashes will suit your eyes, when going through Alash Lashes online store, in the right hand panel (see below photo) is a guide to the type of eyes, each set of lashes may suit. These can be very helpful! 

Once again, thank-you so much to Alash Lashes for this amazing opportunity! I definately recommend this pair of lashes for when you're trying to achieve a very dramatic or sexy look! 

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