Winter Wonders - Pajamas!

8:46 pm

Welcome to Winter Wonders - Pajamas! Now we all love some good, warm, snuggly pj's in winter, but where can we get some that are comfy, warm and stylish?! That's what I'm here to help with! Sometimes it can be a huge struggle to find the perfect pair of pj's, sometimes it's really easy! Today I'm going to share with you, what I found I loved. 

No-one enjoys wearing just a simple pair of trackies and a top, sometimes with a hoodie! So why continue wearing boring pj's when you could wear some stylish, or even wacky and entertaining ones?!

These are my flannelette pajama's. They are a baby pink, with hot pink ribbon; also covered with the cutest teacups and macaroons! (These are from Target). Now these are a must for tea lover's like myself. I'm not much of a pink girl, but the fact these are 1. super comfy 2. super warm and 3. COVERED IN TEACUPS made them the perfect pair of pajama's for me. Now when it's the beginning of winter, or the end of winter, you'll start to not need a full on set of winter pajama's, that's when those old tank tops come in handy! Simply match a co-ordinating colour top with your comfy, warm pj pants!

For those of you who aren't a fan of wearing pajama's that are covered in print, there are so many styles, and prints out there. From just printed pants and a plain top, some with buttons some without, to winter night gowns. My favourite place to buy winter pajama's is definately Target! They have the thickest, warmest ones, and they have so many styles and colours!

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