A Glimpse of Paradise - Made With Love by Jessie Rose

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Welcome to the first ever - A Glimpse of Paradise. Today we find out all about Jessie Rose from: Made with Love by Jessie Rose.

Jessie Rose is 29 years old, and creator of Made with Love by Jessie Rose. She loves black and grey shades however if she had to choose a favourite colour she would say purple (which of course we all know is the best colour in the world!) Jessie loves sushi, especially with avocado! Growing up for her was interesting to say the least... She sees herself growing up like Cinderella - she didn't have it so good at the beginning of her life, but she it truly blessed now. That's me the truly blessed part.

Check out some of Jessie's answers to the questions we asked her!
How did you get started in making Jewellery? I have always liked making thing since I was little however I was wanting something more personal and that's when Made with Love by Jessie Rose came to mind.
What do you enjoy most about creating things? The pure happiness it brings to people receiving it on the other end. It give me purpose in life at the moment!
Who or what is your biggest inspiration for Made with Love by Jessie Rose? Other Jewellery makers, affirmations... etc
What is the most challenging thing you've had to face since starting Made with Love by Jessie Rose? I think and as I grew up ran out of time for this sort of thing. Since becoming ill it has given me time to stop and reflect on my life and I had time to start making Jewellery.
What made you decide to create Made with Love by Jessie Rose? Because every piece I make is made with love. I love what I do. I love why i do it. and I love that it bring joy to others.
How did you decide on the name? I use to have Jessie Rose Creations - initially getting everything set up is the hardest. Its not much but at the time I was very broke so to put $500 into basic tools was a little scary! Now a days its just about keeping track of my orders haha.
Do you plan to expand your range? Oh yes I'm also looking for new design ideas and was to make things.
What are you loving right now? I love a piece call 'Kabbalah' which means Tree of Life in Hebrew. (Check out Kabbalah by clicking on the photo!)

What does Made with Love by Jessie Rose mean to you? It an opportunity to still be needed in the world. Having a chronic illness keeps me very isolated - however i meet so many new and interesting people through my little business it truly is wonderful.
How long does it usually take you to construct anything you sell? I do made to order items so as long as I can get my hands on everything my customer wants it can be done with in 1 - 2 weeks.
What is the best piece of advice you've been given? Just to keep going no matter what!
Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to do what you do? Go for it! you have nothing to lose!
What do you dislike most, and like most about what you create? I love the pure elegance about it and that each piece is personalised and individual in its own way! I dislike the feeling when I have many orders that I have sent the wrong item in the wrong envelope haha that is my worst fear mixing everything up.
What are your favourite colours to work with and why? I love working with Sterling Silver - it bring out beauty in all pieces!
How would your define your personal style? Boring and understated. Plain and simple.
What are your goals for Made with Love by Jessie Rose? to have a small successful business so I can continue to do this even when I am well again!

Wow Jessie! You've done such an amazing job with Made with Love by Jessie Rose! I can't wait to see what you can create in 5 years time!
What is your favourite piece from Made with Love by Jessie Rose?

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