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"Kitchy Ku was launched by a young woman with a love for fashion, travel and a passion for upcoming trends. Kitchy Ku is designed with a confident, modern career women in mind. The Kitchy Ku label style is edgy, feminine, classic and stylish. The collection is made up of silks, crochets and luxurious knitwear with the garments that will carry women from day into the cocktail hour.
Urban Alibi was introduced to the market as a sister label of Kitchy Ku. It was launched as an on trend label for the fashion forward versatile woman. It focus's to cater for a fast moving niche market looking for affordable fashion with a focus on quality. A unique design, it is a favourite on the fashion scene."

Recently I got sent some amazing clothes from Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi. They are amazing brands and I can't believe how lucky I was to find them, and now work with their clothes! Here are some interesting facts about Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi.

  • Kitchy Ku was launched 7 years ago, and Urban Alibi 3 years ago.
  • They sell in Australia wide as well as internationally to New Zealand to various boutiques.
  • Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi have their own retail stores and design their product from the floor up - so they listen to what the customers say and deliver it each season.
  • Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi love to sponsor local events with their product
The first thing from Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi I will show you is this gorgeous dress called the Maya Floral Dress.  All the seams are perfectly sewn, and the fabric is of such high quality. It's cut in such a flattering way, and isn't too long (especially for short girls like me!)
And here we have the red and black striped top and black pants. These were simply amazing! The seams are in unusual places on the pants, but some how make these pants so very comfy. With how short I am, the length of the shirt doesn't flatter me - easy fix! I simply tucked it in and 'bubbled' it! 
Thank-you so much to Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi for the amazing opportunity! I simply adore your clothes and would buy them all if I could! I hope I can work with you again soon.
Check out Kitchy Ku & Urban Alibi on Facebook here.

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  1. Hi
    I know this post is old but i am trying to get a hold of the maya floral dress. Do you know where i can get it????

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