20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

6:25 pm

It's the season of Awards, and today I bring you the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Red Carpet! There were some absolute stunners this year! With J-Law in a dazzling metallic dress, and Julia Roberts in a pink wide legged jumpsuit! The fashion world is split in difference of opinion on Julia Roberts' choice of red carpet attire. Some are loving it, some are absolutely hating it! But what can you do, when there's a little critique in us all.

Personally, I think Miss Roberts can pull a potato sack off if she had to, and this fabulous jumpsuit looks amazing on her. It may not be the usual for a red carpet event, but she makes it look like it should be! I think she needs a round of applause - not everyone can make a jumpsuit look THAT good. Now Jennifer Lawrence, her dress is much to be spoken about. It's quite different from that which she sported at the Golden Globes, but hey, both this dress and the previous look amazing on her. She is like a Disney Princess, only she's been hunted by teenagers for entertainment of the rich.

Left to right: Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts

At the Golden Globes we saw a few similarities in a lot of the gowns (mainly in colour). The ASAG Awards seems quite different, with everyone's attire varying in colour, and style.
To start with, Camilla Alves wore a yellow/gold strapless gown, with a slit leading up to where the fabric gathers at her left waist. The dress, the colour, everything just worked well for her. She looked like she was a shining sun. The colour blended well with her skin tone and hair and the make of the dress brought out her hourglass figure. She looked smoking, as well as elegant, which is beautiful. 
Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey
I have three favourite gowns from the night. Worn by Amy Adams, Katrina Bowden, and Nupita Nyongo. Amy Adams seems to always look elegant and stunning at every single red carpet event. The only thing I can say is perfect. Everything is perfect. I don't need to say anything else. Katrina Bowden, just WOW! I love her dress so much. The neck piece brings the dress from "Oh, that looks nice," to jaw droppingly stunning. Last  but not least, Nupita Nyongo's dress is so beautiful. The floral work just brings it all together. The colour, this colour is her colour! Need I say more?
Left to right: Nupita Nyongo, Katrina Bowden, and Amy Adams.
Here are a few more of my favourites from the night. Ariel Winter looks so grown up, and Kelly Osbourne looks happy. All these dresses look amazing on these ladies, but I still stand by my three most favourite of the night.
Left to right: Ariel Winter, Gretchen Mol, and Guillian Rancic.

Left to right: Kelly Osbourne, and Sofia Vergara.
This year's SAG Awards had some absolutely stunning gowns. Which was your favourite?

**All images were taken from Mammia.com.au - I do not claim to own any of the images**

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