February Favourites 2014

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So, here is my first favourites! I was so very excited about writing this, that I just have so, so, so very many favourites to share with you all. Thiis isn't just a beauty/fashion favourites, as you may be able to tell as we move along. I will link the vlog version of this here as soon as it's up on Youtube. Let's get started!

 1. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy - Complete Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 
 2. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy - Total Nourishing Care Conditioner
 3. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin - Leave In Conditioner Spray. 

Let's start with the Clear shampoo and conditioner. What Australian hasn't heard of this amazing product that Miranda Kerr is a brand ambassador for?! So when I got sent two small tubes of just the total nourishing care shampoo and conditioner I just  had to try it. I was really surprised at how quickly I noticed a difference in my hair. Literally by the time my hair had dried, it was shiny, smooth and easy to comb through. Now, I have extremely difficult hair. It tangles easily, it is patchy (dry scalp, then a few inches of extreme oilyness, then a few inches of dryness, continued repeating until you get to the tips which are unbelievably dry) but this shampoo and conditioner was doing wonders, everywhere except for my scalp. Due to it's dryness, I was still getting dandruff pretty bad. So when I was due to buy more shampoo and conditioner, I decided, why not try the anti-dandruff shampoo that Clear hair care has to offer. It has done an amazing job! It is simply amazing, teamed with the total nourishing care conditioner I don't think you could go wrong, unless like me, using the shampoo, doesn't do a perfect job of battling dandruff. The product isn't perfect, but it's pretty amazing, my hair for once in a very long time looks like it has life, and doesn't look dull. It's a product I will definately continue to keep buying, but will also keep using my T-Gel.
Now the third product in this photo, I can not keep singing it praise. It has taken me so long to find a leave in conditioner that will work with my hair. So many products make my hair feel just, yuck. Since my hair tangles so easily, and a lot of the time I will wake up in the morning with a birds nest on my head (yes, even with braiding my hair) I desperately was on the search for a leave in conditioner, to help me de-tangle my hair. I don't use it everyday, but when I use it, it is a life saver. If anyone needs a leave in conditioner, I would definately recommend going out and buying this one.

 4. The Body Shop - Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash [no longer available online]

Everyone knows, I am absolutely obsessed with The Body Shop. So it's only natural that I have some of their products in here. The blackhead exfoliating wash has done wonders for my skin. I never thought before, that I needed an exfoliating wash, as I have an exfoliating brush, that you can use with a cleanser on your face and it does a similar job. But, I get blackheads in the most inconvenient places, in fact, my face just loves to have acne - that doesn't stop me battling it! As soon as I started using this wash, I to be 100% honest, I didn't see results immediately, but after a little while I was of course, impressed as I always am with The Body Shop. It has really done a wonderful job unclogging my pores. My face feels smoother, softer and looks clearer. This is definately an amazing product, but I would only reccomend it if you have a dramatic combination skin type (you know, some is dry, some is oily, but one outweighs the other). I would recommend it for the combination skin types, that have a more oily turn on the skin. If you have more dry skin, it will dry it out, and in that case, I'd recommend The Body Shop's Seaweed range. Now, the blemish gel is literally my LIFESAVER!! It is truly amazing for when you wake up with a giant pimple on your face. You just dab it on a couple of times through the day (everyone's skin is different, so you may need to use it less, or more) and the next day, it's gone! Throughout the day, you can also notice it disappearing, which is amazing. It also works wonders for pimples you can feel coming through the skin that haven't yet, or invisible pimples. The Moringa shower gel is a surprise to me, I am very surprised that it's in my favourites, as I'm absolutely obsessed with the strawberry range. I can never get enough of it. But lately, it's been different, in the shower Moringa has been my go to shower gel it smells amazing, and does a good job keeping you clean, as it should haha. BB cream! Where can I start? From the beginning I guess. Well, I was heartbroken when The Body Shop dropped their Vitamin E Tinted Moisturiser which they replaced with a BB cream that doesn't suit my skin tone. I had heard lots of praises for BB creams for lots of different brands, so when I found this Maybelline one on sale, I decided to grab it, and try it out. At first I hated it. I thought it was clogging up my pores, but when I stopped using it, and came back to it, I loved it, it didn't clog my pores at all, it took the harshness away from any acne I had on my face, and it worked to use instead of foundation on days I only wanted to wear very light make-up. If I didn't want to try out different BB Creams, when this runs out I'd probably buy it again, but as I just said, I really want to try out different BB Creams. Here in Australia, we don't have the biggest Covergirl range to make purchases from, so usually I avoid getting a Covergirl product because it will make me want more. Then one day, doing my groceries this lip gloss happened to be on sale and oops, I bought it. It is really hard to please me when it comes to lip gloss. I hate it with a passion, if it's too glossy, too sticky, doesn't smell nice, doesn't feel nice and I could go on. But fortunately, this amazing lip gloss just works for me. I love the smell, it smells like redskins and in turn makes me want to eat my face. It isn't sticky, or too glossy and it gives me that gloss on my lips I want sometimes. It works really well on top of any lipstick I use, no matter the colour (even though the gloss is slightly pigmented) it still just works. I am definately going to buy it again when I run out. Since I reviewed Alash Lashes last year, I have been an Alash girl when it comes to lashes, but when I did a fabulous photoshoot with my friend Lacee in December, my makeup artist used these lashes on me and I now have a second love. They are perfect for ANY dramatic look, and I will buy them again. I think I'm going to have a large collection of Blync and Alash lashes. Napoleon Perdis, personally I think it's the top dog of Australian Make-up and both products I own in the range, I love and has made it to my favourites. I've had these since my birthday last year, which my amazing Aunt and Uncle gave to me as my 18th gift. The eye quad is perfect, and I can use it for so many different things, I even have used the grey shadow as a contour for my dark shadows inspired vampire makeup. I find the whole quad works well for whether it is a natural everyday look, or smokey eye. I think every Aussie girl needs a Napoleon Perdis product, and that product MUST be this quad. It is so very useful, you will never stop re-buying it. The final make-up product, is the Napoleon Perdis loose eye dust in Fuchsia Shock and can I say, holy wow this product is amazing. It is so pigmented, you barely need to use any. The colour is wow, a pinky purple with a purple glitter in it. Obviously it's not something you use everyday (unless you're a pink girl) but it is so useful for a wow factor in your eye look every now and then. I'm really interested to see what the other shades of this are like.   

12. Just Organic - Toasted Muesli Clusters With Fruit Pieces
13. Twinings Originals - Chai Tea
14. T2 Tea - Chocolate Tea
15. Bi-Carb Soda

While exploring Aldi with my mum last week, we found this Organic Muesli, for only a few dollars! With my diet taking a much healthier turn as of late, muesli is all I'm eating for breakfast, sometimes paired with yoghurt. But Organic Muesli? Thank-you! Who would have thought at Aldi you would find such a tastey organic product, for such a low price. I can't praise this enough. It tastes great, it is good for you, what more could you want for a cereal? Now, I don't usually love a bagged tea, but lately I've been a tad obsessed with the Twinings Chai tea. The smell, has this hint of cinnamon that is perfect and it's not a weak taste like most tea you have made from tea bags. I am definately buying this again! Since I'm a huge TEA FREAK there is another tea in here. I discovered T2 Tea about a year and half ago and was blow away buy the store. There was a bench in the middle of the store, with various black tea's to try and the chocolate one (which you can also have with milk) was my favourite so I bought it. It is of course, a loose leaf tea so you need to use a infuser with it. I don't recommend this for anyone who hasn't had much loose leaf tea before because it is a strong taste, and may take while to get used to. It's also a dark chocolate flavour which may not appease to everyone. Finally, is the bi-carb soda. Why? Well I had a photo shoot recently, where my hair got absolutely covered in all sorts of product, teased/backcombed to infinity and back, and I was so worried about getting it all out. The hair stylist kindly gave me this HUGE tip. When washing my hair that night, fill a bowl with bi-carb soda and add regular shampoo (not anti dandruff or anything special) and coat my hair in it. So I did it, and not only did it quickly remove the product in my hair, but it also detangled most of the knots in my hair from the teasing/backcombing.

So there you have it, my February favourites. What are your current favourite products?

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