OOTD - 11th April 2014

6:57 pm

As we head into Winter here in Australia, particularly here in Queensland, the weather is slowly, and I mean extremely slowly, getting colder. Lately I've still been able to wear my Summer clothes, which is driving me crazy, I want to wear my nice jumpers, jackets and long pants!
Today was a bit on the chilly side, just for a little while. So I managed to make it through the day in the only pair of jeans that fit me at the moment (some shopping for long pants is in order soon) and when needed, I just popped a jacket on.

The jacket literally turned the outfit from 'lazying around today' to 'oh, something's happening'. The jacket, is actually my sisters, so thank-you Shani for letting me borrow it. I absolutely adore this shirt. I happened to purchase it in my big haul from my trip to Brisbane (post coming soon). I got this shirt, and another for my sister for $15 from JayJays. The shirt is a 'boyfriend fit' whic I was glad of, as it gets to this time of year, we can sometimes look a way we don't and I love baggy tee's to hide certain things. Unfortunately, these jeans are the only ones that fit (barely) at the moment. If you want to read why, you can click here as it's not a topic for this blog. But, the jeans are from ICE.
Love these ballet flats to bits, and they are something I wear almost every day now.

Jacket: Unknown
I Love Cookies Tee: JayJay's
Jeans: ICE
Flats: Big W

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