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10:12 pm

It wasn't long ago, I was scrolling through my instagram newsfeed, when I came across someone's photo of them wearing Klara Cosmetics. I can not remember who, but thank-you! I became so curious, the makeup looked amazing, so pigmented and beautiful. I did my research as I do, they are an Australian brand, they DO NOT test on animals. What is so amazing is, it is such a perfect product, within it's first week of release last year, it had sold out! 

When they say these products are highly pigmented, they mean it! "Klara brings colours to their maximum saturation, delivering a phenomenal range of pure shades that are truly unique in the market. Pigments are used in their highest possible concentration, creating a stunning coverage and an unrivaled, high voltage result."
After contacting Klara Cosmetics about my love for their product, and wanting to review them, they sent me these three beauties. I received the diamond eyeshadow, in 01, which is a really beautiful silver. When you open the packaging, it looks like a dark grey kind of silver, but as soon as it touches your skin it the pigments 'come alive' and it is so very gorgeous. The images don't do it justice. It is perfect for a smoky eye, or even using underneath, or lightly over the top of a matte eyeshadow to give it sparkle, or brighten the colour. It glides onto your skin so smoothly, and you wouldn't even need to use an eye primer with it. Not only that, but it is very easy to remove if you make a mistake. You can purchase the diamond eyeshadow here in 6 different shades.

What are these other two little tube like items I received? The Klara Cosmetics, Kiss Proof Lips! I received it in the colours 04 which is a hot pink and 05which is an amazing roaring red. What is Kiss Proof Lips? It's a 24 hour liquid lip stain, it doesn't come off when you eat drink, and as the name suggests, kiss (although, I've only been able to kiss my handsome fella on the cheek as he doesn't trust it won't come off on his lips). This matte lipstick is now my no.1 go to when I want to make my make-up really pop. The fact both colours are so bright is the best. All other bright lip products I have used, aren't anywerhe near as pigmented, and come with the negative side affect of rubbing off from talking, eating, drinking etc. That's the other reason why I love Kiss Proof Lips, who wouldn't love their lippy not wearing off?! The product is so easy to apply, you barely have to use any, so even though it is a very small tube, I can see it lasting me until it's past any sort of expiry! 

To give you all an idea, that the eyeshadow, although pigmented, can be use on various skin shades here is my gorgeous friend Emily, who kindly let me do her make-up. We weren't game enough just yet to try the brightly coloured kiss proof lips on her, but I believe, with the rest of the makeup being done well, they would definately suit her. I also experimented a bit, using green on the outer parts of the eyelid.

In these photo's, I just used the diamond eyeshdow in the inner corners of my eyes, and waterline to highlight my eyes. I also did it along my top lashline and blended to achieve a slight gradient affect. It did such a good job!

I can not wait to purchase more of their products. I will definately be buying more of the diamond eyeshadow, and kiss proof lips. I think before that though, I will have to see how amazing the other products Klara Cosmetics has to offer, are. 
Check out Klara Cosmetics website here, and their Facebook page here!


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