Sisterly Outfit Of The Week

7:26 pm

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day! Every week, my sister has agreed to do a cute outfit of the week with me for my blog, and all of you lovely readers. Luckily, the Autumn weather here is pretty much still fluctuating, so some days we can wear more summery outfits, whilst others lean towards winter.

So here is what we each wore!
Left: Myself, Right: Shani
Now, I know I'm not exactly the thinnest, most toned gal, but this outfit, works better for me on days when I'm not bloated etc. It's also only something I'd wear out in public often if I were more confident in myself. 
Look and Shani's gorgeous playsuit! It is just so, so, so gorgeous. The shortness of it elongates her legs even more, making them look thinner (which doesn't need to be done, since she is 1. Very tall and 2. Thin. I think the colouring of the floral pattern brings out her pale skin, and makes it look so gorgeous.
Details of outfits: 

Playsuit: ICE Fashion
Shorts: Ally Fashion
Crop Top: Cotton On

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