Chi Chi Cosmetics Very First Impressions

5:13 pm

I'm very excited to bring to you, my very first impressions of Chi Chi Cosmetics. I have been wanting to try this brand for quite a while now, as it is very affordable, and I haven't seen ANY negative statements about it, with other fashion and beauty bloggers I communicate with. I managed to get this amazing deal, online through the Myer Store, this box set of two Glamorous Eye Pallets - Nudes & Exotic (which was limited addition and you can no longer get), two lip glosses, mosaic blush in pink peach, and mosaic. I'm very impressed with the pigmentation of all these products and what's best is, I only paid around $11 plus postage for all of this, that would usually be $90 if I bought it all separately. Not only this, but these swatches below, lasted all day, and even after using soapy water, still left behind a light pigmentation on my skin, that I then removed with cleanser.

First Swatch: Nudes Palette.(In order they appear in first image).
As you can tell, the palette is a combination of matte, and shimmer shadows. All the colours are so pretty, and very pigmented - this is just one swipe across my arm. I have had a bit of a play around with these colours, and they're very usable. Definately something I can use everyday without using up my expensive high end shadows, such as my Napoleon Perdis quad. Even if you pay full price for this palette, I think it's worth it. I can see it lasting quite a while, and all of the colours truly are usable. You can buy the Nudes Palette here.

Second Swatch: Exotic Palette. (In order they appear in first image).

Again, this palette comes with both matte and shimmer shadows. I love the colour combination in this palette - the blacks, silver and bronzes with the blues and greens - definately something I will use a lot. I think this is the perfect Autumn/Winter palette (or Fall/Winter for those across the globe). I used one swipe for each, except the second from right - my hand slipped and made it spread, so I did a second swipe. Again, if this were available for purchase still - it's definately worth the price you would pay.

Third Swatch: Mosaic Blush Pink Peach

So, I love using mosaic blush's! You can use them, by using all the colours together, or individually as I have swatched here. They are such beautiful colours to use individually, and rolling your brush through all 5 gives a truly beautiful colour (sorry, I haven't got a swatch for that. You can buy this blush mosaic here.

Fourth Swatch: Mosaic Medium Bronzer

The lightest shade of this (which you can barely see on my hand) is perfect for highlighting with my face. The other colours are actually so good. They can be used for either bronzing, or contouring. Once again since it is a mosaic, you can use the colours separately, or roll your brush through them all to get a completely different colour! I see this becoming another beauty product I will use regularly.

Final Swatch: Lipgloss

So, this is the swatch of the lipgloss. I haven't actually used this on my lips yet, but over the weekend I'm going to be playing with a few different looks and plan on try these out. As you can see, they are rather clear. I'm not too sure on how they both have glitter in them, but who knows, it might look fab on my lips. The left is the pink, right is the brown/nude colour.

And finally, here is a sneak peak of a look I have done with the exotic palette! Everything except the mascara is the palette. There will be some tutorials soon, and I plan on creating 10 looks with each palette, so keep an eye out. 

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  1. Great post! That blue eyeshadow is amazing!! So pigmented! The Chi Chi products are such good quality for the price tag. I am definitely keen to try that bronzer, it's HUGE.
    We did a review of some Chi Chi products on your blog, please check it out if you get the chance :)


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