SOOTW 7th May 2014

8:52 pm

It is time for another Sisterly Outfit Of The Week! This is so much fun to do with my dear sister, and in fact, I'll be helping her start her own blog. I'd like to let you all know also, I entirely styled her outfit and make-up for this, and isn't she gorgeous! It's kind of cutesy, but grunge at the same time.
Check it out!
I truly love how these colours bring out her porcelain skin. 
We are sorry to say this, but we have no idea where these items of clothing are from.

And for my outfit, I went with an autumn colour theme. 
My lipstick practically matches the colour of my skirt, which by the way, I love the colour of. Usually I'll go plain + pattern when I'm not wearing something such as a dress or playsuit, but this was just as aesthetically pleasing to me.
Crop top: ICE
Maxi skirt: Supre
Shoes: Emerson

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