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10:18 pm

Hi lovely ladies!
For quite a while, I've been desperately wanting the Real Techniques brushes, or at least some of them, and now I finally do! Two weeks ago, I purchased the Your Base Flawless Core Collection and the Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Set from an amazing sit called iHerb. For those of you who have never heard of Real Techniques before, it is a brush line by Sam and Nic Chapman two amazing girls of pixiwoo (who if you haven't seen them before, definately go check them out). These brushes have been raved about by an unbelievable amount of youtubers, bloggers and makeup artists. To purchase these in Australia, in a store, the only place currently, is Priceline, where it costs around $85 for the two sets I purchased. Through iherb, I bought the two sets for $35 including express postage, which arrived within 2 business days. Without the discount code I used (I have one for you all) it would have been $45 including express postage, which is still practically half the price of purchasing here in Australia. Overall, my iHerb experience was brilliant, and you can purchase other beauty brands such as ELF, Eco Tools and Physician's Formula just to name a few. You can also buy herbs, supplements and so much more. I'm looking forward to using this site in generaly to buy vitamins and other things.

Now, I'll get into the goodness of a first impressions! I was extremely excited, you have no idea how hard it was not to rip open the packaging before the above image. The starter set comes with five brushes, and the core collection comes with four. All of these brushes are perfect, in every way possible, and that is my honest opinion. They do exactly what they are meant to, at a high standard, as well as being suitable for other uses. I've now washed these brushes twice (once before used, and after using multiple times) and I've not experienced any shedding at all which is always brilliant. All the brush sets come in these gorgeous black travel cases, that you can adjust to stand differently, and also have extra elastic for separate brushes. Before moving on, I'd like to go on and apologise that in these images the brushes are dirty. I went ahead and used the brushes before taking the images.

Starter Set:
As mentioned just before, the starter kit features five brushes, these are eye brushes, or aimed for the eyes, but a few of them could be used for other areas too. The five brushes are the deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, fine liner brush, accent brush, and the brow brush. Let's start with these five brushes in general. They are the right density for what they are required for. So the liner brush is nice and flexible, but solid at the same time and not all over the place, while the deluxe crease brush is dense, but fluffy so it blends out the crease work really well. The deluxe crease brush is quite a useful tool. It can be used for the obvious, crease. So this can be for working a smoky eye, or just defining the crease. It also is perfect for blending shadow, not just blending the crease. The base shadow brush is again, not just something that can be used for your base shadow, I've used it for base shadow, the crease, blending, along the waterline, the inner corner, highlighting the brow bone, I could go on. It's made in a way that it can be used so many different ways. The fine liner brush is exactly what I've been looking for. It applies liner so nicely, even liners that I've found to be difficult to apply in the past. It can also be used for detailing, or as a lip brush. The accent brush is great for detailing, accenting. I've used it for along the waterline, in the crease, in the inner corner, defining the brow, and I've even used it to conceal tiny blemishes. I think it would also be great to create freckles or other detailing in themed looks. Finally, the brow brush. I find this so easy to use to fill and shape my eyebrows. It's also great for smoking out your liner, or creating a fake liner look if you're not good with liquid or gel liner.
The brushes are extremely high quality for such a low price.

Core Collection:
The core collection of course, for the face/ 'your base' contains four brushes. These brushes are the contour brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush, and the buffing brush. Just like the starter kit, these brushes are the perfect density for what they are used for. The contour brush is great not only for contouring, but for blush, and sometimes even blending under the eye due to its tapered end. Now, I no longer really use a pointed foundation brush (or similar brushes) for my foundation since I discovered buffing brushes (and other similar brushes) but I did use the pointed foundation brush to apply foundation and it was really nice. I find all foundations brushes like this leave major streaks but this one, leaves minimal streaking. It's also great for blending under eye concealer, and for highlighting. The detailer brush is great for not just concealer and detailing, but can also be used for lips and detailing the eyes (inner corner, waterline and so on). Finally, the buffing brush which is my favourite of them all. It is absolutely perfect for applying foundation and creating a flawless, almost airbrushed finished. It also is great for buffing out any contouring you do, and buffing out concealer. I love it so much. Well, I love them all so much.

I can describe just how amazed and happy I am with these brushes. I definately will be buying the rest of the collection as soon as I can. For anyone who would like to purchase these brushes from iherb, I have a discount code where you can receive up to $10 off your first order if it is $40 or more, or $5 off if it's under $40. The postage is really affordable, $8 express postage for up to 8 pounds, and $1 for every extra pound.
So if you'd like to purchase the core collection, you can do so here.
If you'd like to purchase the starter kit, you can do so here.
Or you can browse all of the real techniques brushes here.
The code you can use is: RHP244
I will be doing a tutorial with all of these brushes, as well as a vocal review which I will link here when completed. 
Hope you all have a lovely week, and I'll see you next time. xx

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