FIRST EVER Sleek MakeUP Haul

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It's here! I am so unbelievably happy! Almost 3 weeks ago, I made a birthday order from Sleek MakeUP. For those of you who have never heard of Sleek, they are a cruelty free, makeup brand from the UK. Currently, you can't purchase from many places in Australia, and if you do, it's 2-3 times the amount you would pay (including conversion and shipping) directly from the Sleek website. Not only this, but you can't get all of what sleek stocks, from Australian Stockists.
I made this purchase, because the new limited edition palette came out! The previous one, I desperately wanted, but left my decision making too late, and missed out. So I made sure I didn't make the same mistake again. 
All together, I purchased 8 items, and being the bargain hunter I am, some of them were on sale. 

So we will start with the three i-Divine Palettes I got. The texture and colour payoff of the is amazing. 

So I will get right into it. The first one being, Vintage Romance.
The colours for this one are just so beautiful. The photo's I have of them all don't do them justice, but there are some really gorgeous purples and golds in this palette. I can definately see myself doing some Valentine's looks with this palette.

The second palette I got, was the Garden Of Eden.
This palette is full of beautiful greens and purples. I thought the greens would be fantastic for a Poison Ivy cosplay I'm working on for Oz Comic-Con. Not only this, but the palette would also be stunning for Christmas, St Patty's Day, and even Easter. 

The third and final palette I purchased, was the newest limited edition Rio Rio.
This is full of vibrant, amazing colours. I knew as soon as I saw this palette that I had to have it, especially since it was limited edition. I've been running low on bright colours, so this is a great start back into them. 

This next item, is the Magnitude Lengthen & Volumise Mascara in Deep Blue. This item was one of the ones on sale, so I thought it would be interesting to try. Especially since I haven't used a coloured mascara, since I was 14. I'm really excited to try this, the consistency looks good without using it yet. So maybe I will do a first impressions on this. 

The final four items I purchased was the Glitter Dip It Eyeliner in Rebel, the Eye Dust in Ooh Baby, a True Colour lipstick, and a Blush, in Antique. So far, my swatches of all these products have blow me away, and just like everything else, I'm extremely excited to try them all out! 

Check out my vlog take on this here:

Have you made a Sleek MakeUP purchase? If so, what's your favourite product, or what product would you like to try?

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