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Afternoon lovelies! I'm heading off to musical rehearsal (being the only cellist is tough work) but before I do, I thought I would finally bring the long awaited post about Miss Pearl Store to you all. When I first discovered this online store, I was super excited. There were so many brands they stocked that I wanted to try, that I couldn't just make up my mind. I'm extremely lovely that they decided to send me 2 items to try ad write about. Again, what I am writing is entirely my opinion, and in no way has it been influenced by anyone else, nor am I being paid for saying anything in the post.

So what is Miss Pearl Store? Miss Pearl Store is an online store based in Sydney Australia, (gotta love anything based in Australia!).  I was lucky enough to receive a jar body scrub, and red apple lipstick exfoliate. These two products are an amazing combination to own, for exfoliating your body, and your lips. It is extremely important to exfoliate. This removes dead skin, leaving a clean, smooth canvas. Our lips are extremely sensitive, and need just as much attention as the rest of our body, so exfoliating with something particularly aimed for the lips is great!
The Jar Body Scrub I received was AFRICA. Jar body scrub has many different variations of their body scrub, which I absolutely can't wait to try! Body scrubs aren't just good for exfoliating and removing dead skin, but if you are someone who get spray tans, body scrubs are great for the end of your tan cycle, keeping the tan even, and removing patchiness. Many coffee based body scrubs, such as this one, claim to have the effect of removing cellulite, stretch marks, and scars (or reducing them). I am a very skeptical person when it comes to anything claiming miracle results, but once again I find myself amazed at something that truly does work. I love that the coffee scrub doesn't smell so strongly of coffee that I feel nausea's (this is something I struggle with when someone just drinks iced coffee). Not only this, but I love how fine the scrub is, compared to other body scrubs. This makes it not as harsh on your skin (particularly if you already have smooth/fragile skin, using something too harsh can become more damaging than beneficial). Also, it's perfect for those at home spa day's with the girlfriends!
You can purchase the AFRICA Jar Body Scrub here for $19.95AUD

The red apple lipstick exfoliator is simply bliss. The smell is to die for! If you're like me, and adore spearmint leaves (yes, those yummy green lollies) then you will be left smelling this gorgeous thing all day! Not only that, but it exfoliates your lips while smelling like heaven! I'm not entirely sure of the ingredients as I misplaced the packaging (I'm sure you could get in contact with the store and find out if you have allergies though), but I believe it is actually coffee in the stick, that acts as the exfoliator as the grains are black, not brown as one may find with a lip exfoliator that uses sugar. I have had great results, even after the first use! My lips love to peel and bleed all day long, and so far the only thing that has helped it, has been the Body Shop's hemp lip balm - my lips however, still do bleed when just using that. But if I combine the two products, ie. exfoliate, then apply the hemp balm, I notice a HUGE difference. There is a lot less peeling and bleeding throughout the day.
You can purchase the Red Apple Lipstick EXFOLIATE here for $19.95AUD

I definately recommend going and purchasing these two products right now! I think I will buy some manic panic hair dye next from Miss Pearl Store.

To see my Vlog take on Miss Pearl Store, check it out here:

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