Younique 3D Fiber Lash Review

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Today, I thought I'd share my review on the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. Younique has only been in Australia for a really short time, only a few months! Already it's gained huge momentum, and it's all over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Right before Younique officially launched, my dear friend Ashleigh signed up as a presenter.

I was really, really skeptical of whether the mascara actually worked - as I am with most things that claim drastic, almost miracle affects! I already wanted to hold an online party for Ashleigh, to help her get her business started, cause that's what friends do - and I decided I would make a purchase of the mascara and try it out for myself, since they have a love it guarantee, it made me more brave to make the purchase . I was ever so lucky to receive it half priced for holding an online party too. I also really enjoyed that it was an online party - I didn't have to gather all my friends, in their busy lives, to the one place. It also meant my friends who live in another town, and even state could attend! Ashleigh made it heaps of fun, included games in the lead up and during the party, and even had a giveaway. She answered everyone's questions and we all had a lot of fun. Thank-you heaps Ashleigh for putting so much effort into something you obviously enjoy! :)

So, let's get onto the review part. 
Now, when I can I will change the above photo to a much clearer one, where you can really see the difference, but for now this will do. 
How is this different to normal mascara?
The mascara is two tubes - the transplant gel, and the actual fibers. You apply your regular/favourite mascara as normal. Once dry, you then apply the transplant gel and BEFORE that dries, you apply the fibers. To ensure that the fibers don't fall off, leaving black dots all over you face, you then seal the fibers with the transplant gel again. 
The transplant gel may look exactly like normal mascara, but it isn't. The consistency is thicker, and also more sticky. I suppose this is to help the fibers stick.
Why is it so awesome?
Younique make-up is allergen friendly! So if you're sensitive with regular mascara, or the glue for false lashes this can be useful to you! It magnifies the appearance of your own lashes, which you can see in the image below. Even one coat, made my lashes almost come to my eyebrows! I do naturally have long eyelashes, but even so, it still made a HUGE difference. It is also waterproof, but in saying that, it isn't as difficult to remove, as normal waterproof mascara. It lasts all day, with-out losing volume or length.
It's safe to say, I was extremely impressed with the results and I will happily purchase again!

Check out my video take on it here:

Check out Ashleigh's Younique Website HERE and Facebook HERE

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