Style Inspiration - September 2014

10:59 pm

As September comes to a close, I'm finding myself extremely inspired with everything I'm doing, this includes my style of course!

At the moment, three things are tickling my fancy. The first, is not really a surprise to anyone, but boho, or bohemian as many know it. Boho is a style I absolutely love. I find everything about it so beautiful and in a way, more luxurious than a pair of Jimmy Choo's!

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Since Spring has definately SPRUNG I think boho is the kind of style everyone can get into. Because it incorpartes layers, it's perfect for the beginning of Spring, when everything is still a bit chilly in the morning and evening, but the middle of the day is rather warm. Due to the whole layering aspect of the style, you can leave the house wrapped up, but take some layers off as it gets warmer. But the layers don't have to be with items of clothing. Layering necklaces, banlges/bracelets and rings is also a great way to incorperate a bit of boho into your outfit.

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I've also been quite obsessed with red plaid! It can seriously liven up your wardrobe, and turn any outfit, into something light grunge, or 90's. Red plaid seems to just work really well for me. Red has always looked really nice against my skin tone, but matching it with other items in my wardrobe, such as a leather jacket, or ripped jeans; just looks great! Something about that 'I don't care' look just suits me.

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And finally, it's no secret at all, that I have become obsessed with the extravagant white and gold duo. Something about white and gold together, just screams luxurious! Say you're going to wear your favourite white jeans, instead of popping any ol' top on with it, match a gold cami and white blazer and BAM! You have something that looks professional and beautiful. To go that extra mile, a nice clutch, watch and pair of heals looks stunning with this combo too! But my obsession doesn't just go there... I've even become so obsessed with white and gold, that anything that has the option of matching white with gold (such as purchasing makeup brushes, jewellery, even buying a card for someone) I seem to just want want want it!

So that's my little recount on my current style inspiration. What styles are inspiring you right now?

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