My 2014 Christmas Wish List

11:08 pm

As the beginning of December approaches, I thought it was only fair I shared my Christmas Wish List. There are a few things on my Christmas Wish List this year, some of them I've wanted for quite a while, other's only recently.

The first is this gorgeous mint green dress from POPCHERRY. I've been wanting this for quite some time, particularly for a style steal, but unfortunately they have been sold out in my size for so long! Maybe they have your size in stock? Try your luck here for $39.99.

The next item on my wish list is something a lot of people are surely wanting. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. This gorgeous trio will set you back $58USD. You can order it on the Sephora website here. Or it will cost you $76AUD at Mecca.

Now, I only just bought the Australis 'AC ON TOUR' contour and highlighting palette, but I just NEED the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. A lot of people are saying the two are very similar, but there's always a difference, and nothing says Christmas more than a more luxurious version of something. You can grab the kit at Sephore for $30USD. I'm not 100% sure where you can get this in Australia (possibly the first Sephora store in Sydney when it opens). 

4th item on my Christmas List is this simple but beautiful one piece swimsuit from The Iconic. It retails for $79.99. Although I would absolutely love this, and I can definitely see it being a very flattering swimsuit for my figure, I am just not ready to spend $80 odd on a swimsuit right now. But I would gladly accept it as a gift! Who am I kidding.. There are plenty of things my loved ones can choose from to get me this year! If you're willing, you can buy this swimsuit at The Iconic here.

These next three on my list are beautiful planners. The first is the Kikki K Large 2015 Time Planner in Lilac. It's just so so so very pretty. I've seen a lot of filofax lovers not liking it, but who can so no to such a pretty purple? Not to mention, the detailing inside and out is gold *swoon*. Two of my favourite colours together! This planner is $79.97 from the Kikki K website.

Second is the Filofax Compact Saffiano in Bright Purple. This usually retails for $69.95 but as a part of their Summer Sale, is down to $17.49. BARGAIN! It's no secret that my favourite colour is purple, and since 2/3 of my planners are not purple, I'm sort of craving some purple planners! You can grab this from the filofax website here.

The third and final planner on my wishlist is another filofax, but this one is just so funky! It usually retails for $84.95 but again, as a part of their sale is down to $21.24! Who could say no to savings like these?! Once again, you can grab this from the filofax website here.

Next up we have three pairs of Dr. Martens. And they kind of speek for themselves, so I'll just leave them and their links here. This pair is called BECKETT and it's just super pretty! Usually $130, currently on sale for $72 here.

PASCAL. Well look at that gorgeous colour! $78 down from $130 here.

And the final pair, CLEMENCY! Just.. heaven.. I have no words. $84 down from $140 here.

Next up on my wish list, is literally no surpirse. A ticket to Soundwave 2015! My all time favourite band is going to be there, all time favourite! The first time they came to Australia, their show closest to me (Brisbane) was an 18+ only show, and I was around 7 months off my 18th birthday! I was so devestated I actually cried.. So I'm determined to see them at soundwave! For those who don't know, this band is Apocalyptica, if you haven't, definitely go check them out! You can purchase a weekend pass for $188 plus booking fee, or a day pass for $132 plus booking fee here.

Next two items are from the Kardashian range at Strandbags. The first is this clutch, the 'Rectangle Clutch'. It's usually $69.99 but currently can be found here for $39.

And the other Kardashion item is the 'Side Bar Tote', which is usually $89.99 and is currently $67.49 here. As you can tell, I chose some pretty monochrome items, and I think that's mainly because they look so much more elegant and luxurious that way.

And finally, the last thing I want for Christmas, isn't really all these gifts (no matter how much I would love them), but for everyone to have a safe, and happy holiday. Christmas time is full of lots of sad times, and I like to remember and remind others, that many across the globe aren't as lucky, and don't get to celebrate this special time of year. Even if you can't stop world hunger, or climate change, you can make a difference in someone else's life.
Last year all I did was give my neighbours a Christmas card each, and one poured their heart out to me, in tears as they had never been given a Christmas card their whole life, and didn't have anyone to celebrate Christmas with. Something as simple as a card, hello or smile can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Now that the serious part is done, if you can, spoil your friends and family this Christmas! I hope my Christmas Wish List has inspired you. 

What do you really want for Christmas?

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