Spring/Summer '15 Fashion Favourites - Vera Wang

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I thought it was about time I shared what collections I liked from this Year's NYFW runways. To start off, we'll head straight into one of my all time favourite designer's, Vera Wang.

Why is Vera Wang's Spring/Summer 2015 collection one of my favourites? Well there are quite a few reasons, but I'll only share a few. 
1. The colour palette.
All the colours used throughout the whole collection, work with each other. There aren't any random pinks or blues, it's mainly nudes, greens and dark colours.

2. Floral patterns
I was so pleased to see lots of floral patterns in the fabrics, whether it was a part of the fabric itself, or embroidered onto the item, there was almost a floral pattern on every piece, with the exception of a few.

3. Shapes that will suit a diverse range of bodies.
When looking through a collection that is presented on a runway, it's really common to come across items that clearly wouldn't suit your body type, or even other people you know. You may like the design, but it's clear you'd look ridiculous in it. In Wang's collection, majority of the items would suit a diverse range of body types. From the loose fitting skirts and floor length dresses, to the short dresses matched with a belt.

4. Simplicity
The items aren't overdone. They just look simple, which makes them look all the more elegant and extravagant. I think the simplicity of them, is another aspect which makes them all the more suited to everyone, as opposed to certain people or body shapes.

5. The makeup
This is necessarily why I like the collection, but more the runway itself. All the models had the most interesting makeup! At first I thought it was not very flattering at all, and reminded me of zombies, but it has now grown at me as I've been pawing at these images. There is something about the purples and pinks being used for the eyes that makes it seem so whimsical.

What do you like about the Vera Wang Collection?

All images take from the Vera Wang website.

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