My 2015 Beauty Wishlist

10:14 am

We are already halfway through January, wow! Before the first month of the year rushes past, I thought it was time to share what beauty items I wish to have in my collection by the end of the year.

1. Social Eyes - Glamorous

$5.95AU from Social Eyes Lashes

2. Klara Cosmetics - Kiss Proof Lips

I already own two shades of these: 05 & 04 (you can see my review on it here.) But naturally, having fallen in love with the product, I want more shades! The three shades I'd love to have by the end of the year are 10 Madgenta; 08 Orange Tangerine; 11 Psycho Violet. $29.00AU from Klara Cosmetics

3. Beauty Blender Royal
I think the only reason I want this is because it's purple. But another beauty blender never hurt anyone! $23.95AU from Rouche Boutique

4. Z Palette - Extra Large
I think it's a little over due that I don't have this yet. $33.00AU from Rouche Boutique

5.  Sleek Make UP - Eye & Cheek Palette 'See You At Midnight'
$14.99US from Sleek Make UP

6. Illamasqua - Rich Liquid Foundation
$48.68US from Illamasqua 

7. The Body Shop Australia - Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream
$19.95AU from The Body Shop

8. The Body Shop Australia - Madagascan Vanilla Flower Mist
$17.85AU from The Body Shop

9. Jar Body - Milk Bathe in Milan
$23.96AU from Jar Body

10.  NKD Body - Face Clay Mask
$17.95AU from NKD BODY

I don't think any of these products are very new, but being on a student budget, I haven't been able to get any of these products. Hopefully this year, I'll get to try them all!

What is on your 2015 Beauty Wishlist?

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing these amazing suggestions and products, it has been a great help. Keep sharing and caring.


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