Why Bohemian living areas are perfect for young adults!

10:49 am

In just a few months, I'll be completely changing locations, to somewhere on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast! This is going to be a big move, I'll be a few hours away from my dear family, but it's something I have to do, to pursue my dream career.

With this big move coming up, I'm getting all sorts of inspiration, mainly from the bohemian style side of pinterest I might add!

So what better way to fuel my desire to style my new house like this, than to share it with you all?!

Through this exploration, I've discovered a few main points that seem to form the characteristics of a bohemian style room.

1. Cushions, lots of cushions. They don't have to match either!

There's no real colour scheme, the patterns are completely different in most cases as well. And that's when I realised: Bohemian is absolutely perfect for the young adult! Particularly those who are students, low income earners, or even with high medical bills. You can easily shop in op shops and score things perfect for this style, and it's not costing you a pretty penny. Since none of it has to match, you can shop in heaps of different stores and only spend a small amount. 

2. Draped Fabric

There is something super pretty about draping fabric. Again, you don't have to have matching or colour coordinating fabric, but as you can see, having matching fabric doesn't look bad either! Scrap fabric at craft stores can come as cheap as $0.50! 
And draping fabric doesn't just bring a nice laid back touch to your home. 
You can use it to hang lights or lamps
It's also great for creating a gorgeous canopy for your bed! 

3. Patterned rugs
Have you seen the price of brand new rugs? Some place, the prices start at a few hundred dollars. Definitely not something a young adult can afford! Luckily, the common factor in all these aspects of Boho is..... .... ... THEY DON'T HAVE TO MATCH! The miss-matched style that bohemian is, is simply beautiful. You can use any rug that you can find, and use some miss-matched cushions on your couch and you're basically there! 

So what are you waiting for young ones?! Head over to your nearest op shop and buy as much miss-matched things you want! I know I will be as soon as I move. 

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