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4:37 pm

It's not often I find myself a t-shirt that I look at and see as more than just a t-shirt. In fact, it's pretty rare. I'm pleased to announce I've found the perfect tee that could ever be!
A few months ago, a up-and-coming online boutique happened to send me the cutest tee ever. It's now become my go-to for lazy days, and days I want to dress up as well! Where is this shirt from? Cream Clothing.

This shirt is now a staple for my wardrobe, and I'm  seriously considering buying a second one for when this one wears out. Its a pretty unisex tee as well, so anyone can wear it. I thought today I'd show you how I style it.

At the moment my favourite way to wear it is with a circle skirt and boots. Some stockings pull the look together well and add a few accessories to dress it up!

Another way I love to wear it is with some pleather leggings and studded heels. Adding in these two really amp up the shirt. 

So here you have how I style this stunning shirt. Keep your eyes peeled for my other upcoming posts about Cream Clothing

Like the shirt? You can purchase it HERE

You can also follow Cream Clothing on Facebook and Instagram!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday, and I will see you Wednesday.

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