5 Must Haves From E.L.F Cosmetics

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Today I'm sharing with you all my 5 must have products from E.L.F Cosmetics. For a little while I was an official blogger for E.LF - I was already a huge fan of their products but once I started receiving more of their products I'd never used before I fell in love even more. I now would happily use E.L.F for every part of my make-up routine if I could!

Today, all my links will be to the US online store. It's my favourite way to order their products since there is so so many more to choose from than iherb, Kmart and the Australian store. Tomorrow will be a post about how I order things from the US so keep checking back here!

1. Studio Acne Fighting Foundation.

This foundation is perfect. I have raved about it many times. This is basically the only foundation I can't live without! It has amazing coverage, is buildable and as it states, does in fact help fight acne. I have found it to be one of the only foundations that I have ever used to not irritate my acne, and it has a cool, refreshing feel on the skin. 

The studio blushes are amazing. They have a great range of colours but the ones I love most are Mellow Mauve, Berry Merry and Tickled Pink. Gotta Glow is a great highlight shade so is also one of my favourites. 

These, are amazing. For only $3USD you can't really go wrong with these. The shades are amazing, the colour pay off is perfect. Rich Red and Natural are a couple of my favourite shades but I seriously love them all. 

These eyeshadows are magical. They are off a bubbly mouse like consistency. Currently they are available in seven different shades and the only one I don't really get any use of is Confetti. These, you just have to try yourself to see how lovely they are!

These eyeliners are on point! The black is what I use every single day. Punk Purple and Teal Tease are my favourite shades though and perfect for those creative looks.

I can't express just how much I'm in love with the E.L.F brand. I could easily have listed so many more products that are my favourite. These are listed in no particular order, and even though I used to be an official blogger for E.L.F Australia it in no way has affected or influenced my opinion of the products other than simply exposing me to more of them. 

Check back here soon for my post all about how I order things from the US!

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