A Quick Review - MUD Matte Lip Cream

9:00 am

After Mothers Day, these beautiful things went on sale at Woolworths for a tiny $1.50 each! I could not help myself and just had to get all four colours.

The first shade, came as a bit of a suprise to me. In the tube, it looked more of a orange/coral toned pink. Once I applied it though it came out as a more warm toned pink. It was slightly sheer but not so much that I needed to apply a second coat. 

Everyone knows how much I love my reds! This was a beautiful red, nice and bright. It isn't my favourite red matte lip but it is great for a budget item! It is the most opaque of the 4 shades. 

This was my favourite shade, I'm not entirely sure why because I'm not usually one for super light shades. It applies much lighter than it looks in the packaging and is very sheer so requires a few coats.

The final shade is the most sheer, despite it being a bright colour. I had to put quite a few coats of this on my lips to achieve this level of opacity. 

Overall, I quite liked the product, especially when you consider the price. $1.50 for a 'drugstore' product in Australia is amazing

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