Changing My Dark Virgin Hair - Cut & Bleach

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I've always had long, dark hair. Never dying it with anything but wash out dye (which would only ever give me a tint) and never cutting it shorter than about 2 inches down from my shoulders. That is until last week... When I did the big chop. AND THE BIG DYE. I thought I'd share with you all, my transition to my new hair colour (hint, it's all over my instagram) and how it all went.

So my hair has always been like this ^^ 
Dark, long.. a bit straight. I usually would have these locks out and flowing, or up in a bun because it's really hard to manage them. They don't like to hold a style, there's a lot of hair to braid, and it gets tangled really really easy. 

So I got a bit frustrated with the constant matting and tangling... And I did the CHOP!
And it resulted in this, shoulder length hair that instantly became easy to deal with. In the mornings I barely have to brush my hair, and it felt so very healthy. WIN! It was absolutely terrifying though, seeing over half my hair all over the salon floor. I almost cried as the hairdress chopped away. But the cut wasn't enough for me - then I decided to take the first steps to the hair I've wanted for as long as I remember and bleach my hair. 

An orange, burnt tone mess. Despite my hair never having permanent dye used in it, it was quite dark. I left the mix of developer and bleach on for 40 minutes as suggested and it came out quite blonde at my scalp (despite applying the bleach mix to my ends first).  The above and below images are the result after quite a lot of purple shampoo and conditioner and toner used to try and get the brassy tones out.


I wanted to go more blonde. So a few days later I bleached and toned it some more. (See end result below). It just wasn't turning out how I wanted it too, but it was close enough. Despite bleaching my hair twice, I found it quite healthy to the touch - I am assuming this is because my hair is naturally quite oily.

Please note: I am not trained as a hair dresser and all the steps I took below, were from my own research. Please ask advice from your own salon before bleaching your own hair.

Down to the nitty gritty stuff. How did I bleach my hair? 
First of all, I used a mix of powder and liquid. The powder was a high lifting blue developer, and the liquid was a 40vol bleach (from my understanding, 30 or 40vol is best for dark hair). For every 1 scoop of developer I used 2 of the liquid. This created a pasty liquid. I first did a strand test to get an idea of how long it would take. I then used a dye brush to apply to my ends first. This is important as your scalp produces heat, which makes the bleach work faster. If you apply it to your roots first, these will become blonder much faster than the rest of your hair. I generously applied this mixture to my ends then my roots and then wrapped my hair in aluminum foil. I set a timer for 40 minutes but checked on it every 10 or so to ensure it wasn't going too blonde. Once these 40 minutes were up I went to rinse my hair. I definitely recommend having a friend help you with this, as if you just hop in the shower the bleach will run down your body all over your skin. After it was completely rinsed out I used the Juuce blonde toning shampoo and conditioner, to tone my hair as best as I could. Each time I bleached my hair I did this process. 

Overall, I was disappointed that my hair didn't get as light as I wanted but I was happy with how light it was at the top half. It was in fact my ends that I had the most difficulty with. Next time I think I'll look into a bleach bath for my hair.

Check back here Sunday for my next blog post!

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