Changing My Dark Virgin Hair - GOING PURPLE

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This post is following on from "Changing My Dark Virgin Hair - Cut & Bleach"

As mentioned previously, I bleached my hair as the first step to create the hair colour I've wanted for an eternity. This colour if you haven't guessed, is purple! I can't even remember the first time I wanted to dye my hair this colour, but it makes sense since I completely adore the colour. I first seriously considered dying it this colour when I left mainstream school to go into homeschool, but then decided not to for various boring reasons. I still wanted to, so since last week, I was about to turn 20, yes 20! I decided it was about time I have my hair the colour I've always wanted. 

So even though my hair wasn't quite as light as I wanted it, I purchased the Fudge Paintbox Dye in Raspberry Beret and began. You can purchase this dye from Priceline here. I began by sectioning the hair, apply to the roots, and combing through the hair. Once I did this, I applied the excess dye to the ends. 

This was the result. It was quite pretty, and since my hair wasn't perfectly light all over, it created different tones all through my hair. Then ends were a much more pink tone due to them being more brassy before apply the purple dye.

Then, after the first wash the dye started to leave my ends dramatically. They turned a shade of blue close to grey, and a lot of the ends are back to being a blonde shade. After now two washes. I knew the dye was only temporary but I honestly thought it would last longer than two washes. My next step to my purple hair is trialling different brands of purple. Once most of this purple is out I shall be trialling the LIVE wash out dyes, and I've purchased 3 different shades of purple for this. I'm looking forward to creating another beautiful head of purple hair with these. 

If you have any questions at all about my experiences with dying my hair purple, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Come back Wednesday for another post on Corsha's Corner.

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