My Experience Getting A Septum Piercing

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When I was 14 I decided I loved piercings. I became obsessed, I thought of every single piercing I thought I would look good with, and began to imagine them on me. There's was just a few things stopping me from getting them. 1. My Age - in QLD you can not get any form of body piercing without the consent of a parent or guardian, so I couldn't just go out and get one. 2. My parents didn't like them. It's not like they despised them, they had no problem with anyone who had piercings, they just didn't like them on their own children. Since I absolutely adored my parents I decided it was best not to get any. And 3. I didn't want a piercing that would damage my mouth - this ruled out all lip piercings and of course a tongue piercing. I already was self conscious about my teeth and I didn't want to ruin them with chunks of metal. So I just dreamt all about it. I grew out of most piercings I wanted, except my septum. Since turning 18 and my parents making sure I understood my body was my body to make decisions with and I could do with it as I pleased, even if it were something they wouldn't necesarily want me to, I would every now and then grasp the courage to get it pierced, but then chicken out for unknown reasons (probably the thought of nasty germs getting all over a piercing). Then one day, in early May this year I decided enough was enough, it was time to get it!

My dear friend Lora came with me, and as I signed the forms I started to freak out. It was actually happening, I was finally getting a piercing I had wanted for so long. It happened quickly, the most uncomfortable part was the swabbing to ensure the nose was clean (it stank so much!) and the most painful part was the clasp and afterwards. But the most terrifying part? Seeing the needle just sitting there in my nose, while they grabbed the actual piercing to place in my nose. It felt like an eternity but it was only a few seconds. 

When the piercer used the needle to pierce through my 'sweet spot' my eyes began to water. It wasn't tears of pain because it really didn't hurt, but doing something like that so close to your tear ducts just automatically makes your eyes pour what can seem like liters of water. The piercer handed me a tissue once the piercing was in and all was better. As I walked through the plaza to leave, I noticed something I had never noticed before. Every step you take, your nose moves. Yes, your nose wobbles and jiggles and when you have just had a piece of metal shoved through it, that hurts. When I slept that night, I hit my nose quite a few times and that woke me up from the jolt of bruising pain it left. Over the next few days, my nose did some funny things. The day after it was pierced it became very, very oily. My skin is usually quite oily but this was as if someone had literally tipped a bunch of oil just on my nose. The next day though, this disappeared. For about a week, it felt like my nose was quite bruised and I knew from my research before hand, that it was swollen, so on and off again it would look like it was a bit lopsided. After the first week the pain began to disappear and soon enough it felt painless. 

Aftercare was pretty easy. I bought a spray that contained tea tree and I applied that in the morning and evening for the first week. After than I applied it whenever I felt I needed. I made sure to remove any crusties that occur after a piercing carefully and gently with a cotton tip. You could essentially use saline but I am the kind of person that gets paranoid about infection so I went for the more costly option. 

It is now two months since I got my septum pierced and I love it. I still have pain, because I am really clumsy and keep wacking my nose. I'm also a very restless sleeper and move quite a lot which leaves me hitting my nose even more. It didn't really become infected, and although I get slight pain from hitting it, it doesn't bother me at all. From the research I did before getting it done, and from what my piercer told me, every piercing's healing time is entirely different, and then even more different from person to person. Some people heal up in a couple of weeks, some can take as long as a year or even longer. I think if I wasn't hitting my nose so much it would be healing faster but until it does heal, I won't be removing this piercing for a new one.

If you have any questions about my experience with my septum piercing I'm more than happy to answer them. 

Tomorrow's post is another all about changing my virgin hair!

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