Purple Hair - LIVE Temporary Dye

9:00 am

When most of my previous dye washed out, I decided it was time to give these three a try. The LIVE wash out dyes I was a bit wary to try, since they say they only last 8 washes but at such a low price at Chemist Warehouse (from $3.99) I thought why not. 
I decided to give Lilac Blush - from their pastels range, Magnetic Purple - from their Ultra Brights range and Blueberry from their regular range a go. 

All three packs did almost all my head, which I found interesting since they state that one should be enough for my length and thickness of hair, I only had about 1/3 of a pack left after applying the dye all over my hair. The Lilac shade only stayed really light in one spot of my hair, this one streak in the front. The rest sort of it sort of blended into the other shades. 

As you can tell from the above image, I've got quite a few different shades going on, and it looks quite nice. I'm pretty impressed with the overall outcome. 

And the colour is holding quite well despite styling and washing my hair. YAY! 

See you next time.

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