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We live in a world, where we have this certain standard of beauty, well a certain standard for everything. There are these boxes that everyone needs to fit in, and if you are in one group of boxes, you can't cross over to another group of boxes because societies expectations say "No, you aren't allowed in any of these boxes, you have your own". I believe this is changing, and that this change NEEDS to happen. More and more people are challenging these social constructs, many people are making a difference in the world, through the smallest things. One step after the other society's expectations and rules are changing - it's time to start breaking out of the boxes! Today, I wanted to share with you all, an amazing young lady doing all of this. Brisbane Model and inspiration Madeline Stuart is 18 years old, and has Down Syndrome. One step at a time she has began to make a huge difference within the world, both in the Fashion Industry, and societies perceptions of people with disabilities.


14 months ago, Madeline decided she needed to change her lifestyle and eating habits, and thus began this transformation. Since then, she's taken the world by storm. She is now set to be the FIRST EVER person with Down Syndrome to walk the runways of New York Fashion Week! How amazing is that? Could you have seen this happening just five years ago?

In what is, an amazing step forward - the worlds reaction to Madeline has been wonderfully positive. Madeline has gained over 450,000 supporters on Facebook, 73,000 on Twitter and 3,000 on Instagram and everyday I see these numbers growing. 

I was very lucky to be able to ask Madeline some questions; here are her answers. 

How did this all start? We put the photo's of my before and after weight loss and they went viral.

How does it feel to know that so many people see you as a role model? I think it is wonderful, I love people and if I can help them and encourage them than that fills my heart with joy.

What kind of difference do you think your work is bringing to the modelling industry? I think the modelling industry is bringing a difference to life, the modelling allows my belief in inclusion to have a voice, I think that is what is important. 

People all over the world see you as an inspiration to start pursuing their own dreams. What words of wisdom do you have for those who might have a slight disadvantage when it comes to their dreams, goals and aspirations? You are amazing and if you believe in yourself others will believe in you also. Don't be deterred, through persistence you will succeed. 

Has your feelings or opinions of the modelling industry changed since beginning your modelling career? No, as I don't have an opinion I just enjoy what I do, the modelling world has been very inviting for me and I am very excited, I had no expectations when I started so I could not be discouraged. I just had faith in my dreams.

Do you generally have a lot of haters towards your work? If so, how do you push past the negativity? No not at all, there is some people that are critical but I don't let it worry me, most peoples opinions are a reflection on how they view themselves or how they have been treated themselves. I would rather love the haters and hopefully they will learn to love in return. It is very hard to hate someone that believes in you.

Who is your biggest role model and how have they inspired you to do what you do? My mum, as she is a fighter and never gives up.

I am very excited to see what new an amazing things Madeline achieves and experiences. Madeline is one of the growing group of people changing the world for the better. Her progression in the fashion world helps bring more body positivity to young people, and will hopefully bring more diversity into the industry. Young people don't need to feel pressured to fit into one group of boxes any more - we CAN break out.

Want to see more posts like this? This is the first of many Body Positivity posts coming on Corsha's Corner. Stay Tuned!

You can follow Madeline on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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