My Christmas Wishlist 2015

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Just like last year, I am back with my Christmas Wishlist for this year. Most of the people I will be surrounded by at Christmas do their shopping for gifts much earlier than now, but I thought I would share what it is I would ask Santa for if I could.
Just a little disclaimer, I hate that I have to do this but for some reason some people get upset by my wishlists. These are things I'd really love but either haven't had the time or money to purchase. They are the organisation, fashion and beauty products that I would love this year. Keep in mind I obviously have other things I would love, and I also would appreciate any gifts I receive this year. I never expect gifts from anyone and love to give to everyone else but people enjoy my wishlists so that's why I write them.

Anyway, lets get into it!

1. Harry Bag - Typo $39.99

I know what you are thinking, "Coralee, how can you just pick one thing from Typo?" It is extremely difficult to restrict myself to only wanting one thing from Typo, I mean - who else would just love to live inside that store and keep everything for themselves? But this bag is just stunning and I would love to have it. The embossed material just screams "BUY ME!" to me everytime I look at it, and it takes so much self control not to purchase this beauty. But it's not something I need right now so haven't bought it.
You can buy this instore or online at Typo for $39.99

2. 2016 Large Teal Leather Time Planner - Kikki K $79.95
It's no secret that I adore Kikki K time planners, and products all together. But this year, once those lavender planners no longer were sold my heart broke dearly and I struggled to fall in love with any of their planners. But I was in store the other day and saw this beauty and I have to say, the colour is just gorgeous. The reason I'd love the large size is I seriously need a new planner for the running of my blogger event, but unfortunately this is just too far out of my price range right now.
You can buy this instore or online at Kikki K for $79.95

3. Diamond Waves Spiral Curling Wand - VS Sassoon $59.95

Not that long ago, my trusty 7 year old curler died and unfortunately hair styling tools aren't a priority right now. The Diamond Waves Spiral Curling Wand from VS Sassoon has an obvious spiral barrel and doesn't have one of those tong parts that I never ever use anyway (I usually wrap my hair around the whole barrel and don't use any other part of the tool) so I thought this would be the perfect tool for me. It also has different heat settings which I think is amazing, for me my hair loses style really easy, so I require my tools to get a lot hotter, however my sister has hair that is a lot finer than mine, and if I were to style her hair, it would need to be cooler to when I style my hair. 
You can purchase this instore at Myer, David Jones, Priceline, Target, Big W, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and Shaver Shop. Read about the tool here

4. Make Them Maxi Dress - Dissh $85.00
Recently I have come to accept the weight I have put on (I have been saying to myself for almost 2 years that it's only temporary) and so I am re-imagining my style and donating most of my clothes as they don't fit, And in doing this I am discovering I really don't have that many items of clothing that do fit. Since discovering this I have been window shopping for clothes and I found this stunning dress by Dissh. Maxi dresses have always been something I wear, mainly because they are long and loose, which makes playing the cello alot easier than a tight, shorter dress or skirt. However this one is leaning more and more towards the characteristics I am loving right now. One of which is the cut-out/caged section across the ribcage. I find this quite flattering for me. 

5. Sheer Love Bralette - Dragonberry $25.00

Bralettes are something I truly adore and the Sheer Love Bralette by Dragonberry is no exception. The lack of fabric and usually the intricate patterns of the lace always catch my eye. They are a great alternative to Bra's for those who don't have much in that area, and you can secretly feel sexy underneath your clothes. They don't just have to be used as undergarments - many people are have found clever ways to use them as feature pieces in an outfit.
You can purchase this online at Dragonberry for $25.00

6. Black High Waist Shorts - H&M $19.95
Recently H&M opened in my favourite place to shop - Queen St Mall. It's much easier for me to get to than the other locations here, so I was extremely excited when it opened it's doors. One of the things I have had difficulty finding lately is a nice pair of high waisted shorts. This pair was perfect however I ended up purchasing a dress and top instead. 
You can purchase these instore at H&M for $19.95

7. Black Lace Up Sandals - H&M $39.95
I'm running low on casual shoes right now having recently got a puppy, who has just finished his shoe eating stage. I need to restock my simple, casual shoes. As I was browsing the H&M website I came across these and knew they would be perfect.
You can purchase these in store at H&M for $39.95

8. The Magic of Christmas FUN - LUSH $9.95

I got to try Lush's amazing product FUN at my event in October. FUN is sort of like play dough, but for the bathroom! Not only can you mould it into whatever you like, but it can be used to wash your body, hair, and clothes! It can also be used for a bubble bath! The perfect way I have found to use it is for shaving my legs, its lathers up really nicely, and leaves them feeling silky smooth. My second favourite way to use it is for bubble baths. But really, I just want to play with it all day.
You can purchase this in store and online at Lush for $9.95

9. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - LUSH $7.50
I love Lush's bath bombs so much, unfortunately every time I stock up my partner uses them himself, so I haven't bought any in a little while because I have been waiting for the chance to indulge without him. (Sssh, he misses the bath bombs!) So it's no surprise I really, really, really want the Luxury lush pud bath bomb (and I really mean it). I mean, do you see what it looks like in the water ^^?
You can purchase this in store and online at LUSH for $7.50

10. Epsom Salts with Rose Geranium & Australian Pink Clay - The Harvest Garden $20.00

The Harvest Garden is another brand that I got to  try some products for the first time at my event. Harvest Garden Products are all really natural and smell so very amazing. I got to try a few things from them, and one of them was their lavender bath salts. I loved it but would love another scent and I think this Rose Geranium one would be perfect.  

11. Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender and Poppy Seed Soap - The Harvest Garden $7.00

The scents of these products is absolutely delightful. Since this soaps scent combines a bunch of my favourite things it's just obvious I need it. 

12. Colour Pro Super Shine Lipstick - BOE Professional
Finally we are at the last item I would love for Christmas. This is another product I tried from my event. For those who don't know, BOE Beauty and BOE Professional are a Big W exclusive cosmetics brand. The normal BOE Beauty line is all just $2 and the BOE professional line comes in at all different prices but is still quite affordable. When I tried my shade of this lipstick I was highly suprised. I'm not normally one for high shine/glossy lips but I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It was so moisturising and the colour pay off  and how long it lasted was amazing. So now I just want all the shades of this line of lipsticks.

So there is my organisation, fashion and beauty wishlist for this Christmas. Is there anything on here that's on yours, or maybe you will now add to yours? What are you wishing really hard for this year? I'd love to know!

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