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With Summer coming in strong here in Queensland, it's obvious lots of swimming needs to happen. Now I don't know about you but for me, when I spend heaps of time swimming in the Summer my skin and body go a little crazy. So today I'm bringing to you, my essentials for swimming this Summer. 

Here are a few things I am loving for keeping my body happy this Summer. To the far left we have this awesome cup from Target. It was only $3! Can you believe that? Not only is it super cute, but super handy. The lid clips on really well, and I haven't had much issue with spill problems unless I hold it completely upside down (and it will trickle out where the straw goes through). It also is made of a really thick plastic which is awesome because I somehow always manage to warp anything plastic, and I feel this one would be a lot harder to do that to. Because the plastic is thicker, it also means that whatever liquidy substance you are drinking, stays cooler longer. Win! 

Next we have the Hydralyte Orange Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets. You'd think it would be easy to stay hydrated while in a mass of water right? Unfortunately I get dehydrated really easy and feel the effects of dehydration pretty badly, and that's when Hydralyte gets handy. I have been a huge fan of Hydralyte ice things for a while (think Zuper Dupers but good for you!) but have never tried their tablets before. You simply dissolve two tablets into 200mL of drinking water (however I prefer mine with a bit more watered down flavour, so either double the water or just use one tablet). What Hydralyte does is replace water and electorlytes lost during dehydration but also vomiting (and the other end), heavy sweating, vigorous exercise and excess alcohol consumption. The smell reminds me of borocca but it tastes more like cordial where has the big B is more fizzy in consistency. 

Sun protection is a big thing for me, I have Olive skin but I don't want to risk skin cancer by tanning. Sunsense is an awesome brand that participated in my event in October. I love my skin protection from the sun so was excited to try them out. The moisturising face 50+  is made and tested in Australia and for normal and dry skin, however my skin is really, really oily and this works really well. It's a thin liquid consistency, and that "sun cream smell" you usually get? Almost non - existent. I normally only use products from the Cancer Council but Sunsense is quickly becoming a new favourite. 
Not only that, but check out their awesome doughnut floaties! Super fun and perfect for the kids.... and big kids! 

Next up we have an awesome little product by ZASSNI Organic Skincare. It's their Orchard Dew botanical face mist. This is perfect for 10-15 minutes after you are out of the water and already feeling the heat again. It always feels so refreshing, not just on my face but everywhere and the scent really adds to that freshness. It instantly helps me feel cool, and feels so hydrating.

To the right we have a fabulous pair of sunglasses. These are super important to protect your eyes from all those nasty sun rays! The last thing you want is to damage your eye sight right? I normally only own one pair of sun glasses at a time, and mine broke so I was lucky to find this pair in Rubi Shoes on Saturday whilst out shopping with my friend Annalise. They were only sale, two pairs for $20 so Annalise got a pair, and I got a pair. These are not only totally my style, but tint out the sun really well for me. Best $10 I have spent in a while. 

Down the bottom we have the peppermint lip balm by Harvest Garden. My lips dry out so bad during Summer. Unfortunately my lips also crack really easily due to this. I have found this lip balm to be so soothing when my lips are really close to cracking, and usually if I apply this they start to soften out and don't end up cracking. The scent is also to die for! 
Next we have a NYX butter gloss. A lip gloss you ask? For swimming essentials? I know what you are thinking, but don't freak out! Once I am out of the water I usually look so bland and dead. Using one of the butter gloss's usually adds just the right amount of colour without having to use a thick lipstick. Not only that, but I have applied this before swimming and it's lasted quite a while! 

Lastly for the flatlay above is that gorgeous, purple towel. Only $4.50 at Kmart and unbelievably soft, and the perfect size for me. Just needed to quickly add this one in because so many people don't realise how great it is to have a nice towel to dry off with. 

Next up is a good, wide brimmed hat! I always thought my mum was crazy for encouraging me to wear a wide brimmed hat, but as I have gotten older I have realised how nice it really is to not have the sun hitting my face all the time. It also protects your scalp from the sun which is great too. I got this gorgeous hat for just $7 on Saturday at Rubi shoes. $7! I still can't believe it. 

And lastly, you need a slamming swim suit! You can see mine properly in the very first image. I only spent $25 at Kmart for this bikini. It came with shoulder straps that are removable, so I removed them. There is also removable inserts to give your cleavage a nice lift if that's what you want. They come in heaps of fun patterns and cuts that it's hard to go wrong.  

I hope you are having a lovely Summer! What are your Summer swim essentials? Are any of mine on your list? I'd love to hear from you. See you tomorrow. 

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  1. Great post! Always good to be prepared! <3

  2. AHHHHH those Bowersocks make some BEAUTIFUL babies!
    black knee high boots


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